A Man’s Guide to Eating Out on a Diet

December 1, 2016
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You’re busy, we get it. Between work, the gym, doing the shopping and taking the dog for a walk there’s barely enough time to sleep, let alone eat a decent meal. So what do we do? We get on the phone and order a pizza or skip down to the chip shop on the corner and grab a bag of fried goodness. So satisfying. So easy. You may not have time to cook or even sit down to eat, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health. Eating out on a diet is much easier than you might think. There are loads of healthy, on-the-go options for your fast-paced lifestyle, and even some great places to grab a guilt-free bite when you want to wind down at the end of the day without having to do the washing up. This guide will show you how to eat out without lightening your wallet or loosening your belt.


  1. Manage Carbs and Proteins

Your body metabolises food at different rates depending on the time of day, and this can have a big effect on your weight, energy, and mood. Studies have shown that it’s better to eat proteins for breakfast and lunch (eggs, meat, beans, fish) and a small portion of carbs for dinner (pasta, bread, rice). If you’re eating out on a diet, you may want to reverse your normal eating habits and grab a sausage and salad for lunch and save the bready sandwich for dinner.


  1. Save Half for Later

Restaurants don’t become popular by offering reasonable portion sizes, and the result is that eating out often means eating too much. Scientists have long agreed that our bodies process food better when we eat in small portions. Whether you’re going out for pasta, burgers or sushi, halve your portion and eat the rest a few hours later. It’s a good idea to ask for a takeaway box as soon as you get your order so you won’t be tempted to eat everything!



  1. Get Fresh

Fruits and vegetables are your body’s saviours when eating out on a diet. We all know this, so now it’s just time to find some places which do them right. Smoothie bars and salad bars are taking over these days, and offer some amazing ingredients that boost nutrition and energy levels. If you’re looking for a heartier meal, look for a takeaway from the east. Indian, Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisines are all famous for their fresh, healthy ingredients and for being delicious as well.


  1. Set Goals

A recent study showed that pizza is the most addictive food on the planet. As if we didn’t know. There’s no need to make unhealthy foods off limits just because you’re on a diet. You just need to set some personal rules and follow them. For example, make a goal to eat only healthy foods during the week and to go to the gym at least four times. If you accomplish your goal, then Sunday night is pizza night.


  1. Drink Water

Diet fizzy drinks are unhealthy compromises that will lead you straight back to where you started! Cutting out sugary juice, fizzy drinks and beer from your meals will save you tons of calories and make you feel like a million quid.


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