Revealed: The price of famous number plates

August 29, 2017
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James Bond’s registration plate priced at £128,804

  • Research reveals how much famous licence plates from movies would be worth in the UK 
  • Among the costliest movie plates are those featured in Magnum P.I, James Bond and Thunderbirds 
  • To purchase a number plate with a similar structure and number of letters as the one used in Magnum P.I would set drivers back £256,100 
  • A further breakdown and graphic detailing the research can be seen here.

Buying the same number plate as James Bond could cost drivers more than £128,000 according to new research released today.  

Research conducted by car retailer Peter Vardy, ahead of the release of the 67 number plates in the UK, has revealed estimated costs of how much it would be to purchase number plates featured on some of the most iconic cars from movies including James Bond, Batman, 101 Dalmatians and Magnum P.I.  

Looking at the amount of characters as well as the combination of numbers and letters featured on these iconic number plates, Peter Vardy calculated an estimate of how much it would cost for vehicle owners in the UK to update their number plates to reflect them.  

license plate 2438214 1280

From the famous plates analysed, the most expensive ones for Brits to emulate include:

  1. Magnum P.I – ROBIN 1 (£256,100) 
  2. James Bond – JB 007 (£128,804) 
  3. Goldfinger – AU1 (£127,550) 
  4. Thunderbirds – FAB1 (£117,473) 
  5. Pixar – A113 (£60,013) 

Other licence plates which were reviewed and costed included Batman’s famous BAT 1 plate (£27,835), Iron Man’s registration of STARK 44 (£54,018) and Cruella Deville’s recognisable DEV1L plate (£44,492).  

For those with a smaller budget to blow, cheaper registrations that featured in some classic movies, which are simple to copy, are the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang license plate (GEN 11) coming in at £9,601, the recognisable plate featured on The DeLorean (OUTATIME), costing £5,150 or Elle Wood’s number plate from Legally Blonde (MZ BLOND) which would have a price tag of £2,268.  

Hamish Livingston, Digital Manager of Peter Vardy, said:  

“Many of our favourite films leave us wanting to be just like the characters, from taking on their characteristics to longing after the material possessions we see the characters with on screen. 

“Whilst some big-ticket items including cars may seem out of reach, this new research reveals how Brits can update their own vehicles by recreating some of the most iconic number plates featured on the big screen and the potential costs of doing this. 

“With the upcoming release of the 67 plates, we thought it would be interesting to give drivers in the UK an idea about the exciting and innovative ways they can personalise their vehicles and replicating an iconic license plate is a great way to do that!” 

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