Save Cash Buying Glasses Online

January 28, 2016
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Buying glasses doesn’t have to be expensive. If you have purchased glasses in a traditional brick-and-mortar store before, you probably remember the gasp you felt when you saw the price tag. To save money on your eyewear, buying glasses online is an excellent option. Not only that, but online stores can be even easier and more convenient. When you buy in person, you have to drive over and deal with a salesperson, which costs time as well as money. Internet stores, such as Express-Glasses, make the process extremly easy.

There are a few things any prospective buyer should know before venturing to an online glasses store:

  • First, you need to know your prescription. You won’t need an exact copy of the paper, but the numbers on it will be necessary to get the lenses that are right for yo.
  • Know what style of glasses you want. This one seems a bit tricky, since you can’t just try them on yourself, but it’s easier than it seems. Check our guide on choosing the right frame for your face. If you have a pair you like already, then your job just got even easier. Use your existing ones as a guide for your new pair.
  • Finally, it is best to shop around a bit to find some good deals. You’ll find sites that offer some significant discounts to remain competitive.



There are a few caveats of buying online, but they are minor compared to the convenience and the savings. The most obvious is that you can’t physically try a pair on until it arrives in the mail. This is mitigated if you know your style, but it can be a roadblock for some people. You also can’t get the opinion of a knowledgable salesperson. However, some of us would rather not have someone try to push expensive frames on us. In any case, if you’re a bit hesitant and are willing to do the extra work: Why no just go try a few out in the actual stores and compare the prices with similar ones online. I’ll bet you’ll be able to make unbeatable savings, that you’ll be remembering every time you look into the mirror.

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