4 Ways to Prolong Your Efficiency

July 7, 2017
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The role of man was, once upon a time, to be the provider for the family: Monday to Friday he could get up in the morning, have his breakfast, go to work 9-5, return home, have dinner, and repeat. The 1950s version of manhood is, however, long gone.

Nowadays, present-day man must contend with raised expectations as to what his role is: he still has to achieve the same level of provision, but he also has to be fit, look good, and maintain the level of success through out-of-hours networking.

Technology allows contemporary men to be available 24/7, and this 24-hour culture has caused whole industries to grow around the need for everything to be available to support his evolved role. You can now go to a gym at 5.00am, grab a bite to eat, be at your desk by 7.30am, and still be a great partner and/or father.

How do you avoid burnout, and maintain your responses to daily stresses? Here are some tips to help you avoid this modern plague:

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Take care of yourself

Think about yourself as a Formula 1 racing car: you are a finely tuned machine that needs the proper fuel to power you. Eat a good and healthy diet avoiding too much alcohol, caffeine, trans fats, and foods with chemical preservatives; eat more Omega-3 fatty acids to lift your mood. There are vital nutrients that your body needs to maintain a youthful appearance and stamina which can enhance your performance; and can provide you with a carefully formulated daily blend to support your wellbeing which arrives straight to your doorstep, meaning that’s one less thing off your to-do list.

Make downtime a daily ritual

While you may not feel that you can fit another task into your daily schedule, it is important to take time out. Leave the office for a 20-minute stroll during the day: spending this time away from constant stimulation is liberating, and you will continue the day feeling fresher and more focused.

Schedule time with your friends

When was the last time you planned leisure time with your friends apart from attending a big event like a wedding? It is all too easy to let friendships fall by the wayside when you are juggling so many balls. Laughter is the best medicine, and by being with friends that you don’t work with and don’t live with, it can offer an easy escape from the daily grind. Go and see a football match together, or go out for food – whatever you choose to do, spending time with your old friends can only bring emotional fulfillment.


When you are working all the given hours and then some, there are simply not enough hours in the day to complete all that needs to be done. Have a look at your task lists and see what can be passed on to someone else. You are a high achiever, and with that comes an element of control, but there will be things that others can do to ease your daily stress – you must learn to let go a little, and in all aspects of your life. At home: pay someone to mow your lawn. At work: delegate a junior to complete some tasks; they will benefit from having increased responsibilities, and you can adopt a more supervisory role.

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