4 holiday hacks to maintain maximum romance

June 29, 2017
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When you’ve spent the whole year smashing sales targets in the midst of a budding romance a couple’s break might sound blissful.

But poorly planned holidays can result in a solo flight home because one in 10 couples split up after holidaying together.

So scan this sagacious advice to avoid romantic pitfalls in paradise.

Location is everything

Don’t waste time extolling the virtues of your brilliant beer spa experience in Prague — ladies will likely reject the beautifying benefits of smelling like an abandoned kebab.

Luxury takes the lead when it comes to love, so if you really want to impress the woman of your dreams take her to an over-the-water villa at Sandals Jamaica. With a pristine infinity pool, private butler and personal water taxi she’ll be putty in your hands.

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Pre-empt bathroom battles

If you haven’t joined the ‘his n hers’ en-suite elite you’ll be well aware that a shared bathroom is a relationship battleground. And if you fight over the bathroom at home then holidays compound confrontations.

Women take more pride in their appearance when they party prolifically so bathroom time is at a premium.

Consider getting your hair cropped closely for a timesaving style but don’t suggest she follows suit — purchase a superb styling wand as a surprise gift and she’ll be forever grateful.

Minimise the impact of a pub pass

Beware the hidden pitfalls of a ‘free pass’ to see your favourite sports team solo at the pub.

When vigorous victory celebrations lead to Oliver Reed-levels of incoherence you’ll need some distraction tactics. So purchase a posy of flowers as you stagger homewards and note down the name of a swanky restaurant you can take her to the following evening.

She’ll be so impressed by your thoughtfulness that she’ll ignore your indiscretions.

Dress to impress

No matter how comfortable you find your trusty swimming trunks with the withered lining, the potential for poolside embarrassment is huge.

So invest in a classy pair of trunks that leave more to the imagination for your girlfriend and hotel staff alike. Girls just don’t get that ‘lucky trunks’ thing that guys love.

And when you’re taking her out in the evening a simple linen suit matched with self-coloured T-shirt is the height of effortless cool — she’ll say ‘yes’ to any invitation faster than The Man from Del Monte.

So there are four ways to make sure you return from romantic tandem travel with your relationship intact. And a romantic holiday doesn’t just provide rat-race respite — it can be the first stop on a lifelong romantic voyage.

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