Weekend Warriors – 5 4WD Cars for Offroading Which Double as a Family Car

March 3, 2017
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There’s no doubt that you can have just as much fun exploring a nearby town or city as you can hitting the trails and heading off the roads. Going for a vehicle with maximum versatility is the smartest thing to do when you have a family you love, and still have that deep desire for adventure.

Having a 4WD vehicle comes with a lot of perks, from safety and enhanced maneuverability, to the potentiality to go out and get muddy and have some fun. If you’re looking for a vehicle that will give you all the perks of a family car, like safety, good fuel economy, a comfortable and roomy interior, combined with the ruggedness of an offroading vehicle, here are five you need to check out:

  1. Honda CRV

At the top of the list is the redesigned and enhanced 2017 Honda CRV. Not only has this 4WD SUV been a favorite across the board for over a decade, but it’s the perfect mix of family-friendly and rugged. You’ll get over 30 mpg which means commuting to an office job, driving kids to school, and taking family road trips will be so affordable. You’ll also get advanced safety features that you can find on luxury sedans, like a Lane Keeping Assist System, rear-view camera, and a Road Departure Mitigation System. Whether stock or mod’ed up, a 2017 Honda CRV is a reliable off-road vehicle for the family person who wants to get away to the woods once in awhile with no worries.

  1. Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

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Toyotas are legendary for being capable, durable vehicles that not only give you excellent bang for your buck when it comes to features and functionality, but also for being reliable and long-lasting. Toyota 4Runners are excellent everyday family cars because they have a large interior to fit the kids, groceries, and anything else your day calls for. The TRD Pro package adds an advanced suspension that not only makes for a more comfortable ride to keep the kids calm, but gives you about an extra inch of wheel clearance in the front and back, all thanks to taller coils and reservoir shocks. You’ll want to keep your family in this Toyota, and keep it in your family for a long time.

  1. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Hard Rock Limited Edition

The best feature of the Rubicon is how quickly it can transform from street and supermarket-ready to one of the most open-air adventure vehicles out there. As of 2015, when you buy a Rubicon you’ll get a kit that helps you take off the roof, the doors, and bumper caps so you can turn your SUV into a dune buggy in no time. Put it all back together and go pick up the kids at school —just like that!

This new Hard Rock edition for 2017 comes with extra durable bumpers with removable end caps, rock rails to protect the body, and tow hooks for when you need them. You might also love the Recon edition.

  1. Ram Power Wagon

If you want a powerful vehicle that actually triples as a heavy duty pickup truck/work rig, family vehicle, and an off-roader, the Ram Power Wagon will satisfy all of your needs and wants. This 4-door truck has as much room on the inside as it has power under the hood. Your family will be sitting high in comfort and safety every day.

When the kids aren’t around and you’re ready to hit the trails, you’re going to have some amazing features to play with. The Power Wagon comes with the new Articulink 3-link front suspension that helps keep your wheels on the ground when things get rocky. A swaybar that disconnects with the press of a button also makes this suspension system so advanced.

  1. Ford Super Duty

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Here’s another vehicle with triple the impact — work, family time, and off-roading. This 4-door full-sized pickup truck with solid beam axles comes with a diesel option that can tow like no other with 860 lbs per foot of torque. Not only will your family want to take it on weekend road trips, but you’ll be able to move your entire family and the house with it if you wanted to. When it’s time to take it on the trails, an optional electronically locking rear differential will let you access the toughest terrain.

Each of these vehicles do the trick when it comes to family functionality and adventure capabilities. Choose the one that suits your family the most and prepare for messy-good times!

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