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March 1, 2017
DEF model Beeld SL7

If you’re a tall guy yourself, you’ll know exactly what pain it is to find a well fitting shirt. “The Sleeves of my shirts were always too short. And every time I bended forward the shirt slipped out of my pants – this was just annoying!” told us one of the founder of Sleeve7, Sean Heukels, from Amsterdam, Netherlands. “Shirt-shopping was always depressing. Either the sleeves were long enough, but the body was way too big or the body fitted but the sleeves were short. We just didn’t want this anymore. There are some brands which have extra long shirts, but most of the time they are just seasonal. If you are searching for something stable with the perfect body fit, you have to be really patient. That’s why we founded Sleeve7.”

What is Sleeve7?

“In Short: Sleeve7 makes extra long shirts for man taller than 1.80m. Perfect Body fit, long sleeves, created by other tall guys!”

How did you create Sleeve7?

“Mark, the other founder and I, we are both not rooted in the fashion industry. He was working in marketing and I was a consultant. But we really believed in our idea and started “crowd listening”. We got in touch with other tall men and tried to find out what they miss the most with normal shirts, what their needs are, and so on. Then we started creating and designing the first shirts.

Now, we have the biggest collection of extra long dress shirts in Europe! The collection increased from month to month and now we have shirts for all occasions. That makes us pretty proud!”

Sleeve7 extra long shirts



Why via crowd listening?

“We really wanted to have the perfect shirt for us tall guys. Therefore we met with many other tall men and spoke with them. We need the opinions and the feedback from others. We learn different things from everyone. Just in cooperation with others you can achieve the best shirt for all tall guys!

And today in times of big data, this is even better. With big data you can analyse everything. But I´m interested in small data. Small Data is for me: ‘Hi! Nice to meet you! How can I help you?’ Our consumers are not just a number in a big system, we really appreciate and welcome feedback and opinions!”

What is special about Sleeve7?

“Sleeve7 are extra long shirts made by extra long men. Created because of a personal need, designed with many others, all the fabrics and design are handmade and with high quality. We know exactly what tall men need. That´s why we created Sleeve7 with seven essentials.”

What are the 7 Essentials?

The seven essentials are the basis of our shirts. They have

  1. extra long sleeves (sleeve 7),
  2. extra backlength,
  3. uniquely placed buttons,
  4. custom and personal designs,
  5. the best cotton and finest yarn,
  6. both modern fit and slim fit shirts and
  7. a personal approach.

Sleeve7 shirts are shaped with a body fit specifically designed for taller man. They have been designed with thanks to the input of our customers. For and by tall men so to speak.”



Are there cool stories about Sleeve7?

“Creating Sleeve7 was a lot of fun! We worked together with so many people. As we both were like really nerdy, then getting in contact with the whole fashion industry is incredible. It’s super great to test and feel your designs in your hands and see how happy other tall men are.
We are partner of the talls people club in the netherlands, there we met lately one of the tallest men on the planet. Even we, with both almost 2 meters, had too look up – this was so cool to meet him!”

It was fun meeting Sleeve7. These dutch guys seemed really cool and definitely have found a great niche to cover. Check out their shirts, whether you need longer sleeves for business occasions, casual, dancing, or your wedding. They have extra long shirts for every moment of your life (;

Get those shirts here or here and follow them on facebook.


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