What’s In Your Digital Man-Cave?

June 10, 2016

Being a man in the digital era means that you need to have knowledge of all things digital that goes beyond the average. An internet-savvy male has to know about more things than just social networks and news aggregators – he has to be capable of finding the right knowledge, and the right forms of online entertainment, at any time, using nothing but a computer and an internet search provider.

The digital man-cave I mentioned in the title is not a thing in the real world. It’s more like a collection of information sources, service providers, and tools – must-haves for the technology-savvy male of the 21st century. Here is what you’ll find in mine.

Far from the mainstream news

No, I’m not a hipster – I’m just very selective when it comes to the sources which I trust when it comes to information. Being a man with many sources at hand, I don’t trust major media corporations to be unbiased. Instead of relying on the information filtered by these media monsters, I prefer to rely on sources that are either close to the fire, or have enough knowledge to pinpoint the real meaning behind the news.

For health information, for example, I don’t rely on major news portals. Instead, I have two go-to sources: Science Based Medicine and Health News Review, both of them written by medical experts with a real dedication to their cause.

My own kind of online entertainment

Back in the day I played a lot with Zynga’s Hit It Rich! Casino Slots, but I don’t anymore. I grew tired of the ads, not to mention the endless incentives to share my progress and buy more coins. Since my dedication for the pokies remained, I had to find a place to play without being distracted. I did, in the end – today I’m a proud player at the Royal Vegas Australia.

Unlike social games, the online pokies at Royal Vegas don’t need to be unlocked. They have a superior quality, too, built by one of the most prestigious developers in the business. Besides, there’s many more of them – I can play a new pokie every day at the Royal Vegas for a year, and still have games that I haven’t tried.

But the best thing about the Royal Vegas is that it’s not just about free games. On the contrary: playing at the Royal Vegas can be as lucrative as a trip to the real life Las Vegas. Here I can play using real money, if I want to, and win real money in the process.

Being prepared is a must

Last, but not least, let me mention a less usual addition to my digital man-cave: a huge collection of recipes, survival tips, and low-tech life hacks. While I’m not a prepper – I don’t store months-worth of dry foods in my bug-out location – I like to think that, if disaster strikes, I will be prepared to handle it. Being prepared is a must for every man, because you never know when a trick you saw in a survivalist’s videos might be able to save your life.

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