Shirt Guide for the Summer 2016

April 16, 2016
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Don’t give up your hard earned sense of style in Summer. Linen and cotton suits arrive with the warmer months, so make sure to update your shirts as well. Suiting up doesn’t need to feel like your personal sweat lodge.

Consider The Color And Fabric
Clear your closet of any synthetic and heavy fabrics; including polyester, thick cottons, wool, and flannel. Properly pack these items and store them in a cool, and ideally moth free, space.Once you have an open closet, it will be easier to see and wear your cooler and breezier pieces. Lightweight, natural fabrics will breathe and keep you fresher. Look for cotton, linen, and seersucker fabric blends. Summer colors are light to keep the heat at bay. Look for lighter colors; such as mint green, beige, or white.

South of France Leisure in Linen
Linen is the most breathable fabric choice, and the most difficult to style professionally. For the office, look for cotton and linen blends within a 50/50 range to have the benefits of both fabrics, the low thread count of linen for breathability and the crispness of cotton for fewer wrinkles.

For casual looks, style a linen shirt as you would on the Mediterranean in the South of France. Pairing a lightly colored linen shirt with crisp shorts, structured loafers, a sharp blazer, and mirrored aviators will give an elevated style sense of the 1950’s and 1960’s. No one can really go wrong emulating Cary Grant after all.

Our Five Top Picks for Linen Shirts:
1. Polo Ralph Lauren Slim-Fit Linen Shirt in White
2. Hartford Classic Linen Shirt in Beige
3. Jigsaw Slim Fit Linen Shirt in Grey
4. Uniqlo Men’s Premium Linen Long Sleeve Shirt in White
5. River Island Linen Long Sleeve Shirt in Grey

The Short-Sleeved Shirt
If you follow a few styling tips, the short-sleeved shirt can be refined. The sleeves should fit you correctly. For a casual look, fold the fabric in and roll a ½ inch twice over. If you are going for a crossover casual to a professional look, have your shirt tailored. Keep this look for occasions where it would be appropriate to wear jeans with a tailored blazer. For instance, networking drinks in Los Angeles. If you need an East Coast professional or formal look, skip the short-sleeved shirt and wear long sleeves.

Our Five Top Picks for Short-Sleeved Shirts:
1. Ted Baker Donot Oxford Short Sleeve Shirt in Green
2. Reiss Beluga Printed Short Sleeve Shirt with Cuban Collar in Soft Blue
3. J. Crew Short Sleeve Cotton Shirt in Floral Print
4. ASOS Short Sleeve Shirt in Ikat Print
5. River Island Short Sleeve Shirt in Blue Stripe

The Collarless Shirt
For an updated modern look, add collarless shirts to your summer wardrobe. A granddad or band collar works well with or without a blazer for casual and smart casual events. Make sure to look for lightweight fabrics and light colors to keep cool. Button up in a one hundred percent cotton shirt for your smart casual looks.

Our Five Top Picks for Collarless Shirts:
1. Club Monaco Slim-Fit Cotton Shirt in White
2. Burton Slim-Fit Shirt with Grandad Collar in White
3. River Island Shirt with Grandad Collar in Black
4. He by Mango Slim-Fit Linen Shirt with Mao Collar Shirt in White
5. ASOS Twill Shirt in Long Sleeves with Grandad Collar in Grey

The Smart Shirt
If you need to get through the summer in traditional professional wear, be very particular in your fabric choices. Egyptian cotton is used for high-end sheets for their softness and breathability. Embrace this and look for fine cotton blends that are fully natural. Avoiding synthetic blends will prevent your body from being trapped within your shirt. Also, keep to the absolute palest colors you can pull off. Pastels can be very masculine when used in clean lines and tailoring. If your traditional office would scoff at your boldness, stick with whites, beiges, light blues, and off-whites.

Our Five Top Picks for Smart Shirts:
1. Limited Edition Forward Point Slim-Fit Collared Shirt in Beige
2. Charles Tyrwhitt Extra Slim-Fit Egyptian Cotton Puppytooth Shirt in White
3. SuitSupply Smart Shirt in Purple
4. He by Mango Slim-Fit Tailored Shirt in Grey
5. ASOS Smart Long Sleeve Smart Shirt in White

A Final Touch
Researching what to wear for Summer is only the first step. It is all about balance. Looking sharp includes not overheating and soaking through your shirt. The shirt is the easiest piece to change out and not lose your overlook style you have built with your wardrobe. It is also a balance to receive a good value and bang for your buck. So make sure to use coupons as well. Enjoy!

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