Ultimate manly drinks for the sophisticated male

February 19, 2016

For those looking for serious manly drinks – and there are plenty who are looking to get it right – there is a first cardinal rule. Don’t make it sweet. Sure, sweet drinks can be very pleasant but they are not very manly. And straws are out too for drinking cocktails for those exploring the best sophisticated drinks for men. Manly drinks should be slightly bitter and make the throat tingle as they go down. They don’t have to be highly alcoholic (because in the end it’s probably not a good idea to get plastered when enjoying some great drinks) but it’s important to get the right mixture of tastes. However sometimes a judge of manliness is how bad the hangover is in the morning!

So, what should be ordered at the bar or made in the home? Here are some ideas.

Gin and…

One of the greatest spirits for making cocktails and other drinks is gin. Use a good gin such as Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire – Gordons is good too, or head seriously upmarket with

Hendricks, or choose from a wide range of other available classics. What to add to the gin?

For the manly touch, the drink should not be overwhelmed by additions. Gin and tonic with a slice of lemon is the best-known mixture but gin and bitter lemon is a new taste in sophistication. Half and half and the gin kick definitely arrives. Gin with orange and grapefruit juice is a cocktail with a hint of sweetness but it is sharp enough to keep the manly card in play.

Sharper than all is the classic dry martini, combining gin, vermouth and olive juice with tangy olive slices. Suit you sir?

Whisky wanderings

These are very alcoholic so care is needed or it can be completely cast aside by the brave.

Look at a Rusty Nail. It’s reckoned one of the best manly cocktails, a real man’s drink. Put in a decent brand of Scotch – maybe Bell’s or Famous Grouse – certainly not a single malt that needs to be savoured on its own – add lemon peel, make sure it’s on the rocks and that is one serious cocktail. Bitter? Yes. Strong? Oh yes. Beware of the morning after too many.

When going for single malt at home – such as Glenmorangie or Glenfiddich – serve it in whisky glasses that have a real touch of class.

Bourbon beauties

No fruit in the Old Fashioned so it’s a proper man’s drink. Take some bourbon; add bitters, a smidgen of sugar water if wanted and no fruit. That wonderful tingly taste will slip down easily – no blinking or gasping at the strength, that’s not manly – and the Old Fashioned is one of the best.

A Jack and Coke – with the iconic Jack Daniels bourbon naturally – just combine the bourbon with a little Coke for a bittersweet drink or put some bourbon and whisky together with a touch of amaretto and that’s The Godfather. An offer that can’t be refused.


Have fun with the ultimate manly drinks but be careful – enjoy what there is, experiment and have a great time.

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