If You’re Going to Wear Glasses, Choose the Right Frame for Your Face

January 14, 2016
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Generally speaking, there are many men who are not too bothered with fashion, whether it be about clothes, shoes, haircut and accessories. They just do not seem to realize that choosing the right items to wear is something that contribute to their general physical appearance. It could also enhance their best features, just like choosing eyeglass frames that fit and lenses with the right cut.

Guys, do you have any idea how gorgeous you might look when you’ve taken the time to choose the right eyeglasses to suit your face and your skin color? If not, here are some ideas that you can use as a guide.

Determine the shape of your face

The first thing to do to find the perfect frame is to determine the shape of your face. Your face is round if you have full cheeks, your face is almost equal in width and length and you have a rounded chin. A guy with a square face has a wide forehead, angular features and a prominent jawline. Your face is considered oval in shape if you have high cheekbones, with your chin narrower that your forehead and your facial features are balanced. Like the oval-shaped face, a man with a heart-shaped face has balanced features and high cheekbones. The main difference is that the chin tapers to a point. Rectangular faces are longer rather than wider. Generally, they have long foreheads, longer noses and higher cheekbones. Your face is triangular if you have a narrow forehead and wide jaw.




Match the frame to the shape of your face

It does not matter if you get your eyeglasses from your local store or shop for your prescription glasses online, if you have a round face, the best frames for you are those that have strong angular shapes. Look for frames that have more width than height. You should also try frames with a bit of an upsweep at the corners to highlight your cheeks and put more emphasis on your eyes. Nose pads will help keep the lenses off your cheeks.

Oval-shaped faces are versatile and will have several options when it comes to eyeglass frames. Still there are better choices, such as rectangular and square shaped frames that will add contrast to the gentle curves of an oval face. Make sure that you choose a frame that is not too large or too small that will mar your face’s natural balance.

With a square face, the key for frame selection is to find those that will enhance your face’s strong features. Some of the best frames for you are the rounded or oval ones to give contrast to your face’s straight line. Avoid frames with sharp corners. If you like rectangular frames, choose those with softly rounded edges or frames or colors that will emphasize your brow line to balance out your strong jawline.

Since a man with a heart-shaped face has a tapering chin, it is best to look for frames that will provide balance to your face’s different widths. Choose frames with lighter colors and have details on the lower half. Frames that are wider than your forehead will definitely look great on you.

For men with rectangular faces, the best thing to do is to break the length and add width to the face. Frames that would you include those that will accent your brow line and lenses that are taller to balance your face’s length. Go for frames that have curved lines and rounded edges so that the angularity of your face is broken.

If you have a triangular face, the best frames for you are those with strong detailing at the brow line. Choose a frame that is wider than your jawline to balance the shape of your face. To draw attention to your eyes and not your strong jawline, cat eye frames are a good bet.

Looking good even if you need to wear prescription glasses comes with the right choices. Follow these tips and try out various frames without any hurry. If you’re shopping online, they normally have tips and suggested frames for each face shape.

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