5 smart things Mark Cuban says you should do with your money

December 16, 2015
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There are certain successful people who when they speak, you should definitely consider listening closely, especially when they talk about their area of expertise. Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban is someone you should listen to when it comes to setting up your own business from scratch and building up your personal wealth. Here his 5 tips on how to be smart with your money.

Title image by Kris Krüg

Live Cheaply

Although many individuals see being frugal as being a negative thing, it teaches you responsibility and discipline, while allowing you to save for dreams and things that really matter. Cuban emphasizes that owning a fancy car and expensive clothes is really not that important.

Don’t Accrue Debt

Cuban emphasizes that the best way to invest in your financial future is not necessarily by investing in the markets, but rather not accruing debt. Pay off all debt and don’t let it accumulate – this includes credit cards.Is that car title loan taking all your monthly extra money? Maybe you should consider switching to a smaller car or, as beforementioned, consider having no car at all until your financial situation has improved.

Accumulate Experience and Knowledge

Cuban has highlighted how each and every job he had helped him learn something new, not only regarding skills, but self knowledge. Jobs should help lead you to your goals in life ideally, not just be a way to pay the bills.

Control Your Investments

While financial advisors are great, personally knowing what you invest in is imperative. Cuban mentions the “information advantage” that is inherent in investing in only what you know.

Use Money as a Tool

Money should not be the end goal, happiness should. Not losing sight of that, while using money as a tool to give back, will keep you in good health beyond financial metrics.

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