Uniqlo: Apocalypse Ready.

April 25, 2014
Question: were the apocalypse pretty much imminent, what brand of clothing would you stock up on to brave the chaos to come?
As arbitrary as this question might seem, I think it’s perfectly valid when you’re faced with scenes like the below 27 seconds of Titanic-esque destruction.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEiBXG4g9Q4]
^ One of Dublin’s retail meccas, Dundrum Town Centre, bursting at the seams due to severe flooding last night. Several commentators now call to re-dub the shopping centre, Dundrum Drown Centre, though – thankfully – there were no casualties.

It’s questions like these that I considered whilst holed up in my apartment, growing gradually more deaf from the smack of torrential rain off the kitchen windows, and despite several potential apocalypse-ready brands, the only really satisfactory answer to the burning question was Uniqlo.

Born out of a desire to provide impeccable quality, wearability and aesthetic simplicity on a large scale, the Japanese brand ticks all the fare-well-in-freak-weather boxes…

Will it keep the elements at bay?

Naturally – with outerwear like this cotton and polyamide jacket from the final +J collection. Face the perils of Winter with mistress of minimalism, Jil Sander, at your figurative side.

cc9a1 blocktechhalfcoat

^ +J Block Tech Half Coat

Will it keep me warm?

Undoubtedly – with knitwear, down jackets and their in-house technological advancement known as Heattech (whereby clothing fibres convert moisture from the body to heat energy), Uniqlo keeps the biting cold at bay.

9ae02 heavygaugecrewnecksweater

^ Heavy Gauge Crewneck Sweater

b0d13 heattechlong johnscamo
Will it keep me – despite trawling through flooded streets, bracing violent winds and being pelted by wrath-of-god-like sheets of rain – keep me looking relatively chic? 
Most definitely…
eee1e softtouchv necklong sleeve
57ed6 syntheticleatherdressgloves

^ Synthetic Leather Dress Gloves


Shop more The Day After Tomorrow-ready styles at Uniqlo. And no, I haven’t been reading Cormac McCarthy and watching disaster films without pause.

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  • Zoë October 25, 2011 at 9:46 am

    I'm heading to London next week and I have pretty much worn out my uniqlo cords from last year so a stop off shall be in order. I can't get over those floods in Dundrum, I haven't seen a drop of rain in Glasgow for the past few days, so I have an awful fear of foreboding now.