Eau de Lacoste L.12.12.: Polo Shirts as Parfums.

February 17, 2014
So, polo shirts as perfume? That’s the crux of the concept for Lacoste’s new range of fragrances, L. 12. 12. Inspired by the quintessential Lacoste piece – the classic polo shirt, the fragrance division of the brand has rather ambitiously set out to translate the simple sportiness of their (most likely) best-selling item of clothing into a range of scents.
Does it work? Well, yes and no. Yes, provided you’re not narrow-minded about this whole concept. And no,  if you’re situated on the more skeptical end of the spectrum, and firmly maintain your average Lacoste polo shirt smells of either Daz or sweat. I reckon I’m somewhere in between and have ranked the three fragrances below, taking into consideration personal preference and the extent to which the scent embodies the perfect, crisp polo.
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Blanc (far right, for those of you with somewhat rusty French) – the most fresh, crisp of the three, this scent features top notes of grapefruit, cardamom, rosemary and cedar leaf and a base of vetiver, suede, cedarwood and georgywood.

Vert (far left) – a slightly more heady and herby fragrance boasting notes of bergamot, iced melon, lavendar, cypress and sandalwood.

Bleu (centre) – the sweetest, and therefore least attractive for yours truly, of the collection, which although described as the ‘aquatic’ scent, couldn’t be further from a fragrance I’d recommend to any water sportsman. It contains “watery fruits” as a top note, apparently.


Shop the fragrances online here at Lacoste.

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