I AM MONSTER: Tees from South Africa.

January 27, 2013
Uh oh – yet more fuel for my nautical obsession. Mathew from South African label I Am Monster got in touch recently and I’ve not been able to pry my eyes from the below ever since…
b11d3 iammonster2
Founded in 2009 in a Durban basement in South Africa, the range of tees does so well that rock-infused graphic aesthetic that so many collections are aiming for right now (e.g. ASOS Black) and doesn’t seek to see you penniless either; each of these 100% beauts is priced at around the v. reasonable €25 mark.
Tees are a staple for the Spring Summer season and despite having a reputation for being purchased easily due to low cost and fairly stress-free fitting, I still struggle to find ones that stand the test of time (i.e. beer stains and the washing machine) and manage to strike the balance between eye-catching/interesting and not-too-brash. I Am Monster makes deciding on where to stock up that little bit easier.
28f4c iammonster5
^ Tri-dye
c221c iammonster1
a1580 iammonster4
^ Diamond
d0139 iammonster3
^ I Am
Shop them here or if you’re based in/visiting South Africa, you’ll find them in Durban and Cape Town. OH, and stay tuned for a giveaway in the coming weeks.

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  • Stephen January 27, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    They are beautiful t-shirts, look well crafted, and might actually turn me on full-time to graphics. However, not gonna lie, burst out laughing when I saw the first image was an anchor. JOIN THE NAVY. Gorgeous writing, as per usual.-Stephen http://www.stitchesfabricandsoul.com

  • mathew January 28, 2011 at 9:11 pm

    MATE!!Join the navy its all the rage! hahanah man, if you have missed the nautical vibe you have quite literally missed the boat….><