Shake Appeal AW 2011: Teen Dream.

October 10, 2011
Following on from his nostalgia-infused sporty yet smart collection for Spring Summer 2011, Shake Appeal designer Chanachai Ohpanayikool seems to heed that age-old adage – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, for his AW 2011 offering, Teen Dream.
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That’s to say, it’s more of that winning combination of boyish charm and easiness (evident in prints and a plenitude of tees and chino shorts) seamlessly melded with a distinguished smartness (smart, lean cuts and a more than obvious fondness for shirting). Having bid farewell to the teddy boy influences of last season, Ohpanayikool turns to Ivy League athleticism and tailoring, sprucing up that chic nerd archetype he’s constructed over the past few years since the foundation of his label.
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Admittedly, a lot of this collection remains firmly off-limits for myself considering the distinct lack of warmth, but do bear in mind Shake Appeal’s primarily stocked in Bangkok, not the British Isles so shorts are probably a much more fitting sartorial suggestion for the heady days of a Thai Winter.
6dc55 shakeappealaw201114
caf5e shakeappealaw201112
Shop the collection online here or see a full list of stockists right here.

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