Born of the Street: NYFW SS10

September 17, 2009
So, while a few blogger verdicts on NYFW have deemed this season’s collections more lacklustre than leading-edge, I myself was pleasantly surprised by an overall shift in the production of purely commercial, saleable items to the creation of clothing that was, first and foremost, wearable but also interest-arousing with regard to subtle, but potent, detailing (e.g. Duckie Brown’s bow-shorts…which, in actuality, I loved contrary to what some thought an ambiguous account).
Anywhat, I’ve already rambled sufficiently on the runway shows themselves. Equally intriguing were this season’s array of street-style looks that fused somewhat of a European sensibility (draped, fluid pieces) with that NYC relaxed inscouciance. And just to say that this really isn’t intended as a lazy rehashing of other prime bloggers’ content, but rather just a way of showing appreciation for some of the city’s best-dressed street-stompers.

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^ Street Pepper – He works the Comme des Garcons x H&M drop-crotch pants well by exercising restraint on everything else. Also, how ingenius is that grey shirt? Gimme stirrups.

b4d27 streetpeppernyfwss101

^ Street Pepper – Sonny Groo of Mykro Mag fame manages to gender-bend with the same skill as his often heel-clad colleague, Jean Paul Paula.

22d24 thesartorialistnyfwss104

^ The SartorialistKateLovesMe‘s Prince Pelayo works a customised tee. Someone needs to tell me where in Dublin I can find safety-pins that size? I feel a v. rare DIY-urge coming on…Also love the juxtaposition of the formal tailoring with the punk/skin aesthetic of the Docs and shorts.

42ada thesartorialistnyfwss103

^ The Sartorialist – Simple but simultaneously colour-popping too. Love the asymmetric pants-rolling (whether intentional or not…)

f8b90 thesartorialistnyfwss101

^ The Sartorialist – Not sure whether they’re socks or tights under there but regardless, this is surely the best blend of sportswear and rough-and-tumble luxe. Can anyone ID these boots? Another pair to add to the list of prospective purchases…

0daa7 streetetiquettenyfwss102b8971 streetetiquettenyfwss103

^ Street Etiquette – JKISSI (left), with well turned-out partner in style, Trav (right). Statement accessories and cropped proportions (the navy Thom Brown-esque pants and the rolled-up shirt and mac) impress, here.

Images from Street Pepper, The Sartorialist & Street Etiquette

  • Miss J. September 17, 2009 at 11:26 am

    Love the second to the last pic. The contrast of red and blue worked well with his skin color. Pelayo is darn sexy as usual. hope to spot him here in Spain one day.Cheers from España!

  • IAMTHEANGELNEGRO September 18, 2009 at 2:17 am


  • Eliza J September 18, 2009 at 9:31 am

    I'm loving that pair in trench coats.. smoking!

  • StreetEtiquette September 19, 2009 at 2:52 pm

    Thanks for having us apart of this post, a great one at that. The sartorialist pictures are breath taking as usual. Good post. keep up the good workBy the way the fellow next to me is my partner Trav