Fingers Crossed augurs well for AW09.

September 18, 2009
I know I should really be packing for the haul back to the capital for Uni, and for LFW (still haven’t decided on what’s to be packed, partially due to the fact that the now-residing-in-London sista vows never to speak to me again if I don’t cart a load of her gear over at the same time, this just screams Ryanair extra-baggage charges…), but instead I’m nigh-on drooling over the keyboard whilst browsing through the FW09 looks from newfound label, Fingers Crossed.

^ ‘Black Star Spangles’ FW09

A rifle through Google search results yields little more than, you guessed it, images of crossed digits and etymological explanations of the idiom itself, but the lookbook for FW09 has done the blogging rounds (I found it on Coute Que Coute but it’s also been featured on The Fashionisto). Still, am lacking anything concrete regarding the brand itself since their own site doesn’t feature the usual “About” page. So – taking a wild guess, here – I reckon it’s a Japanese label as the original source seems to be Jamool and the photographer’s name, Yoshiaki Sekine, is also Japanese but feel free to correct any errors…

Not that it’s of crucial importance since this collection speaks for itself. Entitled ‘Black Star Spangles’, it’s a largely midnight blue affair with some grey, white and black accents. Fingers Crossed cite American-Italian art duo, Lovett/Codagnone, as the primary source of inspiration. The artists aim to represent the complex power dynamics of human relationships through mixed media, often referencing S&M and gay subculture.

^ Our Rendezvous Ended in Sorrow by Lovett/Codagnone, 2008.

^ Stripped by Lovett/Codagnone, 2006.

Thankfully (or unfortunately, depending on what floats that boat of yours…), there aren’t any overt references in the ‘Black Star Spangles’ collection so (no ball-gags guys!). It’s more a distillation of the themes present in the artists’ work e.g. the collective identity is present in the uniform colour while the power dynamic is brought to life through the juxtaposition of fingerless leather gloves against satin pants, or a structured leather jacket against a bow-collar shirt. Accessories, predominantly in the form of keychains, form an homage to the leather/glass/metal paraphernalia that’s often present in Lovett/Codagnone’s body of work.

In typical fashion, the collection I most want this season is only available 3,000 miles across the sea at Bblessing, NY. Generous New Yorkers, if ever there was a time to make yourself known, this is it…

More on Lovett/Codagnone, here and here.

Images from Coute Que Coute, Sara Meltzer Gallery & Design Boom

  • Blau von T September 18, 2009 at 12:11 pm

    love the leather gloves

  • Terence Sambo September 19, 2009 at 9:36 am

    love d collection, the images are beautiful, d models hair carries d looks well :o]