Tween AW09: No pre-adolescence jokes, please.

August 6, 2009
Admittedly, there’s not an awful lot I know about Turkey. An aunt regularly visits some sleepy seaside resort there, it boasts plenty of Byzantine architecture, it’s the place of production for many’s a Junk de Luxe piece and this blog (according to Analytics) isn’t exactly hot s**t over there. But, more importantly, I didn’t know it’s home to Istanbul-based brand Tween, a brand (offering both slick menswear and womenswear with a distinctly European rather than specifically-Turkish feel) that strives to bridge the gap between the mainstream mass and the purveyors of luxury.
71461 tweenaw09
And it’s pretty successful in its effort, it seems. Granted I’m not a fan of every piece comprising the AW09 collection but the appearance of a boxy leather waistcoat (thumbs down…) and a considerably dated-looking fire-engine-red bomber shouldn’t detract from some of the more innovative members of the family like the fallow-brown quilted leather bomber below (please visit the site, these pictures just don’t do the apparent textured wondrousness that is this jacket, justice)…
49f30 fallowleatherjackettweenaw09
Or the charcoal contrast jacket with smokey grey lapels, epaulettes and flap-pockets. I’ve often said it of menswear and I’ll say it again, it’s all in the deets and here, they most definitely, are.
fea56 two tonejackettweenaw09
Oh and, wanted to ask…ever seen a funnel-neck jacket, waistcoat and bib-shirt all-in-one? Nor had I ’til now. Must be said, am all the happier for its existence, if only to lust after online…
8e56d bibjackettweenaw09
Screen-caps from Tween
  • Daniel Alec August 8, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    I am lusting after the charcoal contrast jacket…although a jacket as detail-heavy should be worn with simpler items of clothing to highlight its beauty.

  • Cillian August 8, 2009 at 9:09 pm

    Daniel: couldn't have put it better myself, I'd pair it with a brilliant white tee/vest, rolled-cuff shorts and some grey patent derbys if I had my way…/

  • jennine August 10, 2009 at 7:38 am

    this jackets are amazing! i love them… god bless the tweens.;)