Copenhagen SS10: Homme Highlights So Far…

August 7, 2009
Fair enough, we expected a muted/monochromatic palette for AW free from the often-employed warming earth browns, burnt oranges and moss-greens this time ’round, but surely we weren’t counting on the same mix of various shades of grey, black and white that typify garb of the colder months to consitute the majority of the SS10 collections, too? Well, that’s the Danish consensus (even designer Jean//phillip described his collection as “cold” and “wintery”) anyway, according to the looks on show at Copenhagen FW now. Regardless, an avid supporter of the steelier shades like myself shouldn’t need to take issue. Especially, when they’re put to such great use…
…chiefly by Jean//phillip, a label formed recently in 2007 that I was – prior to now – ignorant of. The selling point of what was overall an above-average collection was its use of traditionally springtime, lightweight materials in a dark palette and manipulated into an abundance of asymmetrical lines. Are you drooling too? Yeah, could well be the compelling shininess of the windbreaker fabric…
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Swede-chic staple Carin Wester‘s collection had a distinctly Parisian-meets-Saharan air to it with Bardot-inspired boudoir look (blonde barnet and kohl-to-the-max eyes) for women and what seemed for me, a slightly watered-down/less overtly punk Billy Idol thing going on for the guys. Not the first time we’ve seen neckties as belts, but surely the most memorable and workable instance is here…
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After clicking through a few decidedly lifeless looks from BZR by Bruuns Bazaar I had my judgement of their output for SS10 pretty much formed. What I didn’t count on, however, was coming across what’s probably the first check-shirt I actually really really want. Now. Please. And thanks.
0b061 bzrcheckshirtss10
More to come, keep up-to-date with all the newly unveiled designs of the Danes, here.
Images from CFW
  • Mat August 7, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    look forward to the next installment, its all looks cool here. esp the long shiny black lightweight jacket.

  • Izzy August 7, 2009 at 7:38 pm

    I like the long sleeveless cardigan thing! It's got comfy bathrobe charm to it haha