“Une Histoire d’Homme” – through Gucci canvas bags and more.

May 10, 2009
bd748 artcurial

Am rather pleased to announce Artcurial, the highly-successful Parisian auctioneering outfit, are poised to present “Une Histoire d’Homme“. A collection of luxury vintage finds from the staples: Goyard and Gucci bags and accessories and a hefty offering of ready-to-wear, to the fine-points of style: Namiki pens and Elie Bleu cigar-boxes (honestly I’d consider sparking up a habit if only to house my deathsticks in such finely-crafted wooden things of wonder), Une Histore d’Homme certainly seems to promise an opportunity to nab something with which one can truly customise their personal aesthetic. Oh, I’m also told there’ll be “rare and unusal objects” so – hopefully – you can be every bit the foppish Victorian voyeur for the day and partake in many’s a Darwinian discussion – “Have you seen my collection of rare batwings?” – “You know, I’m not entirely sure I have but you really must peruse my extensive assortment of cats’ eyes!”…

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Elie Bleu creations.

Er…anyway, if the items up for grabs weren’t reason enough, the whole event’s to take place in the rather splendid, neo-classical ‘temple of the arts’ (pictured top) – Hôtel Marcel Dassault at 7 Rond-Point des Champs Elysées, Paris which houses all the cultural sophistication you could possibly require. Dandies fetch your walking canes – the auction takes places June 9th.

Images from Artcurial and Elie Bleu

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