What lies beneath: Not just flesh.

May 12, 2009
Is fashion art? The question’s been posed countless times and to be frank, I’ve never actually came down decidedly on one side or the other but, undoubtedly, some manner of symbiotic relationship exists between the two concepts and I find I’m inevitably interested when the two become one as exemplified by London-based art and design (and numerous other creative disciplines) collective Underlining Colours.
174cf fleshunderliningcolours2

Trousers by Tim Soar, necklace by JW Anderson

d3003 fleshunderliningcolours1

Flesh by Niclas Heikkinen (Vest by Bjork & McElligot, trousers by Tim Soar & necklace by JW Anderson)

I first heard about them in relation to their latest issue: #10 provocatively entitled Flesh which explores the interrelationships of Botticell, Gianni Versace, Bruce Weber and Miami pastels (just a little genius, don’t you think?) but the collaboration which interested me chiefly was #8 Brothers, which addresses issues of masculinity and brotherhood within the context of London.

f5500 brothersunderliningcolours

Runaways by Piero Visconti & Pok U Chan
(Jeans by Topman, necklace and rings by Hannah Martin)

What’s more, their collaborations of effort frequently feature some of personal menswear faves including Deryck Walker and Siv Stoldal which reflect the themes of the editorials so well. Rest assured, they’ve got material for you too, ladies.

  • susie_bubble May 13, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Love the styling more than anything else!