Some retail respite muchly needed.

May 8, 2009
Most sincere apologies for the erraticism regarding posts this past while, but annual exams loom once more. So it’s less pondering on sartorial dandyism and more studying the technical traits of Italian Neorealism. However, I do promise updates but don’t mind too much if they’re of extreme infrequency. Other than that this post doesn’t have a particular theme but a few random observations/proclamations of lust/tip-offs never went astray did they?
For those of you that know me at all you’ll find yourself in full agreement when I say I’ve a bit of a thing for blazers. It’s partly the uniform allure, partly inherent tailoring and also the much-needed squaring/broadening of my rather narrow shoulders. And this Summer I’m falling more than head-over-heels for ice-cream pastels, particularly beige. Enter this rather beateous thing from punkweak purveyor (er…you wouldn’t think it from this) Viv Westwood.

cee5a viviennewestwoodblazer

Linen to keep you cool and piping to ensure another cool. You really couldn’t ask for more now could you?

Well, for those of you fanatical about rugby, it’s quite possible you could find yourself asking for more. Normally, I’d send you somewhere else post-haste. But, low and behold, here ’tis. The genteel lads and ladies of are giving away a £1000 rugby package guaranteed to bring much revelry – it includes a tickets to the Guinness Premiership Cup Final, £500 to spend on a whole manner of clothing from their site and, naturally, a fridge full of the black stuff. Enter here.

Or, if that’s not your bag, then this might be – hoho! (obv. temporary breaks from blogging lead to dire humour – I’m sure you’ll forgive in time). These good-enough-to-eat leather accessories are from London label Skive & Toole, who emphasise fine detailing – unique fastenings and stitching, as well as top quality. Swell.

bfceb skiveandtoole4

7f91d skiveandtoole3

fd50c skiveandtoole1

Images from my-wardrobe and Dazed Digital