Three Ways to Organize Kids Clothing

August 11, 2020
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All of us who have kids have worked hard to curate a kids clothing wardrobe that is functional, practical, and stylish. Imagine the horror you feel when you come into your child’s room and find the freshly laundered and neatly folded clothes strewn about on the floor. Your child was only looking for that favorite shirt that was at the bottom of the drawer. But now you’re left with a mess to clean.

We’ve compiled three options for organizing your children’s clothes so that they have easy access to them while still maintaining some organization.

1. Hanging Clothes in a Closet: In this method of clothing storage everything that can be hung from hangers is hung from hangers. This includes pants, shirts, dresses, blouses, hats, and jackets. The only thing not hung up in this method is socks and undies. This allows everything that is owned to be seen at a glance and keeps wrinkles at bay.

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2. Dresser: This is a tried-and-true method of clothing storage but a few customizations can optimize it better for children. First, get rid of any out-of-season items and store them elsewhere.Next, only store like items together and fold them using the filing method. This allows everything in the drawer to be seen at a glance.

3. Clothing Container: This method of clothing storage is less formal than a closet or even a dresser. With this method, out-of-season items are removed and stored elsewhere. Next, like items are folding and put into fabric clothing containers or baskets. This fosters a great sense of independence in children as they can help to fold clothes alongside you and put them in their own containers. This is a perfect method for a parent who wants to teach their child to share in the workload of laundry.

Tell us – what are some of your favorite methods for organizing your kids’ clothes?

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