6 Popular Trends in Workwear

March 24, 2019
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Workwear brands have made their way into mainstream style over the past few years. Since more office workers are incorporating workwear into their outfits, traditional pieces like jeans, dockers, and jackets are getting a fashion upgrade. Men with all types of jobs can look good and feel comfortable on the job all day. Check out these popular trends in workwear.

Navy, khaki, brown, and black remain color staples for modern work gear. However, men have more choices today when it comes to adding color accents to work outfits. Colorful vests and hoodies let you personalize your everyday look. Bold neon piping and zippers add a touch of color to traditional jackets. Colorful caps in red, green, or yellow are another way to include a hint of color to your work gear.

Stylish Footwear

Comfortable footwear is essential when you’re on your feet all day. Thanks to the Western wear trend, men can say goodbye to clunky boots. Western work boots look good at work or when you’re out with friends. Modern pull-on boots are stylish yet still stand up to daily outdoor use.

Rubber soles keep your feet warm and dry. Western work boots also provide the safety of square steel toes with the elegance of embossed leather designs. You can choose from non-metallic electrical hazard rated boots with a camouflage design too.

Modern Fabrics

Work gear still needs to be tough enough to stand up to everyday use and outdoor conditions. Men have more choices besides stiff pants and oversized jumpsuits. Work pants and bibs got an upgrade with stretch fabrics that are made to move with you are oil and water resistant.

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Polyester mixed with traditional cotton offers moisture-wicking comfort. Gloves feature breathable fabric that doesn’t hamper your grip. Today’s fabrics let you stay clean, be comfortable, and look good.

Comfortable Fit

Men don’t have to go to their outdoor jobs swimming in oversized jumpsuits. Sturdy work jeans that offer a relaxed fit for better movement replaced old-fashioned stiff canvas pants and overalls. Dockers made with polyester and twill material feature pleated fronts and hard creases that stand up through multiple washings.

Shirts and jackets offer a slightly tailored fit while still allowing movement needed to get the job done. Forget boxy work shirts. Today’s styles feature angled bartack stitching that adds tailored style to durable cotton/polyester blend fabrics.

Contemporary Uniforms

If you’re part of a uniformed crew, you won’t miss out on the latest trends. Modern choices include shirts in bold colors and classic denim. Personalization trends include elegant embroidery instead of iron-on patches. Wait staff and hospitality uniforms come in subtle checkered patterns with smart bow ties. Companies want their employees to look sharp and today’s uniform choices won’t disappoint.

Rugged meets style in today’s popular work gear trends. Durable clothes don’t have to be ugly and uncomfortable anymore. Now your work clothes can take you from the worksite to a sports bar or pub. Why not look good and feel comfortable in modern work clothes that are both fashionable and durable?

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