Play Dead with Bruce LaBruce.

July 19, 2014
Bruce LaBruce; porn provocateur, cult filmmaker, queercore/post-queercore icon, director of the films comprising the subject of my undergraduate dissertation and now eh scarf designer, apparently.
LaBruce, a filmmaker and photographer first, is still no stranger to fashion, having collaborated with designer Rick Owens on the teen zombie attire for Otto; Or Up with Dead People (2008) and having produced one of the more memorable interviews with Kaiser Karl for Vice. But design is a decidedly new development; LaBruce has teamed with online concept boutique Front Row Society to produce a collection of scarves inspired by the car crash, Play Dead.
Auto accidents and accessories, not exactly the most seamless commercial combination in the history of time but it’d be dumb to expect anything less obscure from LaBruce. Having witnessed a car crash himself (outside his family’s farm as a child) and harbouring a particular fondness for Jean-Luc Godard’s Week End ([1967], a film all about car accidents in the French countryside), LaBruce revels in the calamity of it all with these printed scarves below…

Play Dead by Bruce LaBruce Through a Broken Glass, Darkly

Play Dead by Bruce LaBruce Crash Fashion Play Dead by Bruce LaBruce Death Couture
^ Through a Broken Glass, Darkly, Crash Fashion and Death Couture

They’re cotton-silk, limited to 200 scarves per style, and €200 each, which is a bit steep for a first-time designer who’s wont to wage war on advanced capitalism every chance he gets. Still, these are trademark LaBruce, paying homage to the French New Wave and exhibiting the auteur’s obsession with sex and instances of violence, albeit a good deal more subdued than his usual stuff.

And remember, €1 from each sale goes to the Ethical Fashion Forum, which focuses on social and environmental sustainability in the fashion industry.

Images from Hint

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