Stealth for Men Review: The Most Unique & Effective Male Enhancement Underwear

November 18, 2018

The Stealth Innerwear is advertised as “the most unique and effective male enhancement underwear for guys looking to boost their size, self-confidence and sex appeal.” After a few weeks of testing, I quickly learned that the product lives up to this bold statement. The Innerwear helps increase your length and girth. It lightly stretches your penis to give it a longer appearance while adding plenty of girth as well. When worn regularly, the device will actually train your penis to hang longer naturally and reduce turtling.

For those who have never heard of turtling, here’s what you need to know: “Many guys experience extreme shrinkage in situations where they are cold or nervous. It can also happen during physical activity such as working out. It has a negative effect on your confidence. Stealth’s silicone bead is securely fitted behind your penis head to prevent it from turtling back inside. It will actually train your penis to stop turtling even when you’re not wearing it.”

To my surprise, the Innerwear is really comfortable once your body gets used to wearing it. It is secure, stays in place and does not slip off. The garment can easily be put on and taken off as well. Thankfully it can be worn all day and night because it doesn’t interfere with daily functions such as urination or erections.


Many men struggle to find devices that fit their penis size. As all men vary in different sizes, a one-size-fits-all approach never works for products like this. Still, many companies only make devices with two or three size options (such as small, medium, large). Fortunately, Stealth Innerwear comes in 99 different sizes to ensure that all men can find their perfect fit. They are the only brand with this custom sizing system.

Wearing Under Clothes

Stealth Innerwear can be worn under anything – clothes, underwear and swimwear. It is designed so that it’s not noticeable even when wearing tighter clothing. Stealth Innerwear also doesn’t have to removed when using the bathroom, which is a massive advantage. When you do decide to take it off, it slides off easily within a couple seconds.

Packaging and Delivery

This product is delivered in discreet package with no markings or pictures that would indicate what is inside. There is enough protection in and around the packaging to ensure that nothing falls out or becomes damaged.


Like all penis enlargement devices, Stealth Innerwear has to be used over a prolonged period of time before any noticeable results can be expected. Many users have reported seeing a growth in length in about a month and a half of consistent use. This device also helps to increase blood flow to your penis even hours after it has been removed. The increased blood flow results in longer and stronger erections.


Stealth for Men makes some of the best penis-enlargement devices on the market. They are comfortable to wear, offer great results and aren’t obvious when being worn under clothing.

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