5 Popular Trends in Male Fashion that are Taking over the World by Storm

April 12, 2018
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With a constantly evolving viewpoint of what’s in and what’s not, it can become very hard for men to catch up with the latest trends in male fashion. In fact, all these trends can affect both your wallet and your wardrobe, potentially draining your energy on matters that shouldn’t take that much time out of your day.

To avoid all that, check out some of the latest tips & tricks on how to improve your style without having to put a large dent to your budget.

Reintroducing Retro Sportswear

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the majority of the last couple of years, you’ll already know that retro sportswear has become one of the more popular rising trends in male fashion.

In fact, monster brands like Adidas, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, and Fila have all shown a strong inclination to revisit the eighties and nineties and reintroduce the world to us through nostalgia-inducing designs. The best thing: it worked flawlessly.

How to Apply:

Some of the key pieces feature colorful yet matte tracksuits, matching nylon jumpers, and carefully detailed drawstring trousers. Match this style with a vintage faux-leather bomber for giving off the ultimate vibe of confidence and good shape.

Indulging in Tactile Fabrics

If 2017 was the year when designers weren’t afraid to tap into their feelings, then 2018 is surely opening up for them even more. Materials such as wool, shearling, and flannel have basically become the new norm overnight. Combine these with perennial garments like puckered summer trousers, suave bombers, or corduroy trousers, and you’ve basically re-popularized the fashion of yesteryear in its own right of today.

How to Apply:

Tactile materials are an excellent excuse to update your wardrobe without breaking your comfort zone in half. For autumn, suede bomber and light Harrington jackets are key pieces of the puzzle, as are textured wools, cozy mohairs, and thick wools for winter. All of these unique pieces can be worn either separately, or combined with an existing getup for both casual formal settings as well.

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Ditching Cigarettes for E-Cigs

For those interested in vaping, electronic cigarettes are a great way to start. They are simple to use and maintain, and are available in a number of locations in both brick-and-mortar stores and online as well. In fact, popular online retailers such as VaperEmpire offer excellent and affordable vape starter kits to test out this upcoming trend. Once you determine that you like vaping more than you like inhaling unhealthy cigarette fumes (and trust us, you will), then the next step would be to choose your own advanced personal vaporizer, or ADV in short.

ADVs are highly customizable, reusable, and healthier than traditional cigarettes. Plus, you can choose from a variety of flavours so that you’ll never get bored with using just one taste. Popular flavourings include banana nut bread, pink spot, blueberry cheesecake, vanilla custard flavour, and tons more.

Getting back to The 1970s

The 1970s have been very a popular menswear choice for years, but this time they’re making an explosive, permanent comeback. Thankfully, instead of dancing shoes, disco hair, and retro-futurism, what we got instead was vertically patterned knitwear, wide lapels, roll necks, and suave corduroy. Despite being half a century old, all of these styles are just now beginning to take the world by storm.

How to Apply:

If we’re being truthful, the 70s never went out of style to begin with. Roll necks have been a staple in anyone’s wardrobe for years. To fully commit to this look, top off your roll neck with a dark patterned suit, and employ some high-waisted trousers to come full circle.

Utilize some Utilitarian Menswear

The majority of our garments were inspired either from the military, work, or sportswear. Despite all of that, however, fashion and function served side-by-side and neither one excluded the other. But, designers wanted to go even further and blend these two into a symbiotic whole that married both the workplace and the runway too.

What followed was a significant increase in material performance across all garment subcategories, including accessories, trousers, shorts, long-sleeve shirts, and more. In addition, the focus on utilitarian details such as welded seams and extra pockets has pushed this trend into the forefronts of men’s fashion, with a strong intention to stay there.

How to Apply:

Today’s hectic times require men to pay more attention to what their garments do, instead of just how they look. One approach to prove you’re following the latest trends is to pair an added-pocket jacket with multi-pocket trousers and a simple white or black T-shirt.

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