Increase Your Productivity Smartly by Exercising

August 23, 2017
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Productivity is the buzz word in today’s work environment, where every employee is working hard to achieve the maximum each day. However, according to an article published by Fast Company, people are using wrong parameters to measure productivity, where companies consider how much time the employees spends at their desks to calculate their job performance, with the belief that the more time the employee spends at their desk staring at their computer screen, the more output he/she is going to generate. However, many surveys have shown that this is absolutely not true.

In case of an innovative task, an employee might need to engage with his environment differently to increase his knowledge base, to be able to generate new ideas, which could include doing something else to allow ideas to incubate, such as walking away from the problem for a while and reading about areas that are not directly related to the project at hand. All of this is traditionally thought to decrease the time one spends at their desk. Determining the correct parameters thus becomes necessary to measure productivity. How can we improve something if we don’t know what it is? According to Smart Pill Guide, a review site for pills that make you smarter, such as brain enhancement pills and memory supplements, smart drugs or nootropics like Alpha Brain, Evo Pill and Epiphany D1 can help a person get the maximum done in the amount of minimum time, thereby increasing productivity.

Happiness is Important

Another article by Fast Company states that employees who are happy are 12% more productive than those who are not. It is for this reason that companies like Google, which believe in investing in employee support and satisfaction, witness increased levels of productivity and greater levels of profits.

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Working with a happy and positive mindset allows employees to be more creative and much better at solving problems, since the brain works much better under such circumstances. Brain enhancement pills and smart drugs work by boosting cognitive function, concentration, intelligence, energy, mood and memory, while improving neural health, by providing a steady supply of acetylcholine to the brain for it to remain in a state of high neuroplasticity. This enables the brain cells to communicate more effectively and form new connections, highly crucial in improving brain power.

Exercise Increases Productivity

A scientific study has revealed that employees who spent 2.5 hours a week being physically active were more satisfied with the quality and quantity of their work, and were highly productive. These people were also less prone to illness and health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle, such as heart problems, back problems, headaches, eye sight issues and more, all of which have the ability to hamper productivity.

When you exercise, you are increasing the blood flow to the brain; which sharpens your awareness and prepares you to be able to tackle the project at hand more effectively and efficiently. Exercise keeps the mind alert and keeps you energized throughout the day, where you are able to accomplish more in less time. People who regularly exercise are also able to participate in other aspects of their life with much more enthusiasm, only adding to their happiness and productivity.

And to supplement the effect of exercise, you can give your brain a boost with smart drugs and brain boosters to increase your attention span and concentration levels, leading to higher quality output.

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