Men’s Essential Attire for Ibiza in 2017

July 27, 2017

Balearic fashion is influenced by the region’s rich culture, its natural beauty and the prominent role of music in the islands’ identities. Attracting a dynamic mix of international jet-setters, free-spirited individuals, and trend-setting mavericks, Ibiza is widely regarded as the most forward-thinking of the islands when it comes to fashion; a discerning, stylish population flocks to the White Isle each summer to see and be see. Notorious for being a mecca to both jet setting socialites and bohemians of a hippy-like sensibility, Ibiza is perhaps best known for the relaxed attire of many visitors and island natives. Gentlemen of the modern age are given creative license to indulge their fashion conscience, but where should one begin with his sartorial selection? We’ve hand-selected the most luxurious garments to ensure you stand out from the crowd in Ibiza in 2017.

The 209 Beach Blazer from 209 Mare

Whatever your individual taste, the universal hero piece for Ibiza has to be the new beach blazer from 209 Mare – a hot, new fashion label to emerge from Monaco. Monochromatic with fine detailing, the blazer can take you from day to night, from beach to restaurant and beyond, without missing a beat. Sophisticated gents can pair the blazer with 209 swim shorts for the ultimate beach look, before changing to chinos as the night draws in. Complement the blazer with a simple, short-sleeved light cotton shirt in white or gray or wear it on its own. Whatever your style, a classic beach blazer will define all manner of Ibiza looks.

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Cost: €925

Muchimoo Shoes

Born from a desire to create sophisticated gentlemens’ cufflinks in 2015, Muchimoo has grown to become a stylish apparel shop for discerning men. As well as a range of elegant cufflinks, the company now offers belts and shoes, crafted with unique designs and a quality approach. The company’s multicoloured loafers have become an iconic product, produced using an ancient form of Turkish tapestry, Kilim. Perfect to channel the sophisticated, spirited vibe of Ibiza, the shoes can be accentuate all manner of looks, from loungewear to beachwear.

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Garrett Leight

Blending old-school design with contemporary styling, Garrett Leight has cast a new lens on the international sunglasses scene. From a studio in Venice, USA, the brand has crafted an extensive range of fashionable eyewear, redefining notions of cool in the process. As a pair of sunglasses is a man’s best friend on the island of Ibiza, look suave in the Van Buren Combo model in 2017. The aviator-shaped glasses seem timeless yet innovative.

Whether sunbathing on a yacht, sipping the latest fruity concoction at a rooftop bar or dancing the night away at one of the many super clubs, you will always be unmistakable when wearing these garments in Ibiza. Branch out from the banal, mix variations that define your character, and stand out from the crowd this summer. The freedom of Ibiza makes it the ideal place to mix hi- and lo- fashion. Playful is encouraged here!

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