How to be a dapper gentleman

July 13, 2017
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Dressing well doesn’t have to be a chore nor does it have to be expensive. If you wake up in the morning and its such a struggle for you to dress then your probably are overthinking it. As long as you have some key pieces in your wardrobe then you are set. Saying that looking good does take effort but it shouldn’t be a dreaded chore, take the time to look effortless it’s the only way to achieve the look.

Cheap designer clothes for men from Stand-out, has many options for you if you are looking into revamping your wardrobe. Buying some staple pieces such as some white shirts and ties will help keep your look fresh. Ensure your suit is fitted and not too snug as being too snug can be a little bit dicey. If it is tight then it is all wrong and you need to consider buying a new suit.

When it comes to suits the most versatile colours to own are navy and charcoal grey. These two colours are easy to match with other colours and work well with an assortment of differently coloured shirts. Making sure your tie is tied correctly is very important. When you have tied your tie make sure that it always conceals the collar band which sits behind your tie.

NEVER EVER, EVER wear speedos! Wearing speedos is a no no, not only to protect people’s eyes from getting an eyeful but also as a way to protect yourself from those wondering eyes!

This infographic brought to you by stand-out will show you everything you need to know about looking like a first-class gentleman!


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