Frater Clothing: Fame is the Thirst of Youth.

December 14, 2012
Trust me to, you know, get obsessed with a t-shirt label in the icy heart of Winter. Still, poring over Frater Clothing‘s look-book for capsule collection, Fame is the thirst of youth, is providing me with much-needed hope that warmer times are indeed on the way (even if it will take a while) and, if not, if we somehow forever remain in this dark and apocalyptic cold front then we can always use these for layering, yeah? Yeah.
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Launched in September of this year, Frater Clothing is a casuals brand that, in contrast to so many of its contemporaries, errs on the side of the eccentric, and does it pretty well. The line – founded by 21-year-old designer Michael Brown (yes, that’s 21, honestly can’t see myself achieving that in the next year or so…FAIL) – is inspired by the Mancunian designer’s upbringing, and is a mix of all the usual suspects i.e. tees, jumpers, polos etc., with the tees being the main point of interest for me. Scoop-necks, arresting patterns and heaps of detailing (embroidery, silk stripes, ribbed collars and more) make for stocking worthy gifts.
Oh, and they’re v. reasonably priced for the standard of work, ranging from £20 to £35 (free deliver on orders over £80, too!). Shop them here.

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  • Last Style of Defense December 14, 2010 at 6:07 pm

    Oh, I'll take the model too. Great pieces, really fun and a superb looking fit. Last Style of Defense x

  • Anonymous January 21, 2011 at 9:01 am

    hes a plastic scouser far from a mancunian