The Perfect T-shirt

March 15, 2017
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The perfect T-shirt is the elusive unicorn of the fashion world. While many high fashion brands don’t pay this staple much mind, except to create the occasional graphic or bedazzled piece, even hard-core fashionistas rely on the perfect T-shirt to create the base of so many daily looks. Practically, you can’t top a great T-shirt. In white, it’s the perfect summer cover-up over a bikini or board shorts and a black T-shirt can go almost anywhere as long as it’s paired with the right outfit.
But what makes a perfect T-shirt perfect? The cut of the shirt should be classic, but still with an edge. This can be either slimmer or looser fitting than your average Hanes six-pack from Target, but it’s important that there’s a differentiation. No matter the cut, smooth, soft fabric is key. It should also be thin enough to lay flat under jackets and sweaters, but still look great on its own. A T-shirt should need a lot of foundational undergarments to look good, so it should be thick enough to still have a great drape.pexels photo 102303
The most frustrating thing is when you find that perfect T-shirt, but then as it’s washed, again and again, you slowly realize in horror that you have only one of these perfect, unicorn T-shirts. Knowing how you rely on this item you rush back to the original store and boom. It’s gone! This is the beauty of ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo’s pieces. Every year their pop-ups and permanent stores feature the same items, with slight changes for the season and as per customer need, but still with the same beautiful, smooth fabrics. This means that you can get that same great T-shirt in many colors, and again and again.

The ATM T-shirts are created with ribbed, micro-modal crewnecks that Vogue says feel “softer than cashmere.” The T-shirts check every item on the list of the perfect T-shirt: the cuts are modern and hip, the fabric is beautiful and high-end, it will be available in different color ways season after season, it’s the perfect base piece for any outfit during any part of the year, and the T-shirts are available in crew neck, long sleeve and three-quarter sleeve versions. The micro-modal fabric also comes in a cami and other pieces across their collection.

Finally, you won’t have to restart the search for the perfect T-shirt whenever your old favorite wears out!

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