Everything you Need for Custom Baby Shower Invitations

January 16, 2017
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Planning a Baby Shower?

A baby shower is one of the most fun and exciting ways for expectant mothers to celebrate the upcoming birth of their baby–and start stocking their supply closet in the process. But before you throw the party, you need to decide who you’re going to invite. The invitations set the tone for the shower, so choose carefully. Do you want something fun and upbeat, or maybe a bit more formal? Should you send the invitations through email or traditional print mail? Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry–here’s a handy guide to help make your baby shower a success.

How do I Choose a Theme for the Invitations?

As you plan the baby shower, think about what the mother likes to do. Do you think she’d enjoy a fun, upbeat baby shower with lots of partying and laughter? Then consider a fun, colorful, or humorous theme for your invitations. Would she prefer something more calming and formal? Try opting for a clean, classy invitation that lets the guests know it’ll be a formal affair.

What Information Should I Include?

When you write your custom baby shower invitations, you’ll want to include the basic information–the date and location of the party, the parents’ names, and RSVP instructions. If the parents have a baby registry, make sure to include that so people know where to shop. And if your baby shower has a theme, don’t forget to let everyone know!

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Should I use Email or Snail Mail?

Before you send our your invitations, consider your audience. Are most of the attendees active social media users? Then you’d probably be safe sending invitations through email, or setting up an event on Facebook. But if the attendees might include older friends and relatives that don’t use social media, make sure you send their invitations through traditional mail to ensure that they’re not left out. Choosing one or the other is the easiest solution, but you can do both if it suits you–and emailing invitations will save you money.

When Should I Send the Invitations?

Don’t wait until the last minute! Make sure you send your custom baby shower invitations at least a month ahead of time. Give your attendees plenty of time to shop and plan around their schedules. If you send the invitations only a week or two ahead, many of them might already have plans–and they might not have room in their budget for a nice gift.

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