How to make money while travelling in the UK

December 24, 2016

Many people are interested in traveling the world and going on adventures that will prove to be exciting. One of the most common challenges that come with traveling is having limited funds while you’re away from home. To ensure that you can explore the UK and continue making money to further your travels, there are a few ways to increase your income.
Start a Blog

One of your main sources of revenue can be through a blog that you write and update during your travels. By utilizing SEO tools and writing on popular topics that are currently trending, you can increase your revenue with ads that are placed on the website. You’ll earn more money throughout the year with more organic traffic that you attract to the blog, making it important to update the blog consistently to keep your readers loyal.

Open an Online Store

You can open an online store where you drop ship items from other websites or retailers directly to your customers. Sites like and make it easy to drop ship and will prevent you from needing to have all of the items on hand with you as you travel. Offer free shipping or sales throughout the year to increase your sales and become more competitive.

Participate in Online Sports Betting Websites

There are a number of different sports betting websites in the UK, like, where you can gamble with other sports enthusiasts with games that are played each season. After registering on the websites, you can bet on any type of sport and win money from other registered users on the site if your projections are accurate.

Invest in the Stock Market

If you’re willing to take a bit of risk, the stock market can prove to be a great resource when you need to make extra money as you travel without having to find a full-time job. You’ll need thousands of dollars to invest in the stock market to increase your returns. This will require that you stay current on the stock market each day and stay informed on recent news or events. You can sell your shares when the stock increases in value before purchasing other stocks that are available at a low price. Invest in companies that you’re familiar with and trust to ensure that you feel confident that you can make money over time.


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