Men Only Zone: How to Design the Perfect Man Cave

November 4, 2016
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Young boys dream of a ‘no girls allowed’ clubhouse.  The same kind of guy grows up, gets married, yet still yearns for a place to call his own.  A man cave is that escape for the older working man who needs a place to relax during his downtime.  Of course, the cave is only as good as the design and function of its components.  Here are a few essentials you’ll need to create the perfect man space.

Folding Bookcase

Many cool adventure and spy movies feature hidden passageways.  You can have your very own folding bookcase, which reveals a secret passageway (or maybe just the entryway to the other room).  It’s a great novelty piece, especially for those who love mystery movies as much as impressing their friends and visitors.

Air Hockey/Billiards Table

No man cave is complete without entertainment.  Typical commercial bars feature bubble hockey, arcade games, and pool tables.  Since it’s likely you’ll have limited room, it’s smart to get a table that features two games, air hockey and billiards.  The flippable table allows for hours of entertainment for you and your wolfpack.  Play as loud as you would like; the rest of the family can’t hear you through the soundproof wallpaper.

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table


You may enjoy the taste of barrel aged whiskey.  However, you’ll love the look of an oak barrel repurposed as your next coffee table.  Particular models have built-in shelves for storing remotes, games, magazines, etc.  The table is given a final stain for an aged yet polished look.

A Definitive Sign

Every hot spot has an iconic sign, so why should your man cave deviate from tradition?  Buy a blazing bright neon sign so there’s no confusion as to where the men only zone starts and ends.  Get signs custom made with your man cave’s name and special emblem.

Lightsaber Light

You’ll probably want to keep the lights low for better television visibility.  However, you and the guys will want to make it to the fridge, bathroom, etc.  Rather than maneuver in the dark or turn the main lights on and off, buy a lightsaber nightlight.  It’s practical yet awesome way to brighten the path to righteousness as well as your hallway.

Beer Light Fixtures

As any lady would tell you (if allowed in the man cave): details matter.  Therefore, rather than ordinary light fixtures, adorn the man cave with beer can track lighting.  Alternatively, purchase a chandelier made of beer bottles.  Lastly, you can find round light fixtures that look like kegs of beer.

Sports Memorabilia


You can’t find a man space that doesn’t pledge allegiance to some team or hobby.  Whether you love Star Wars, fly fishing, or the Chicago Bears, dress your man cave appropriately.  Hang equipment on the walls, use game jerseys as pillowcases, and arrange collectibles throughout the room.

Ninja Sword

You’ll need a centerpiece, a main focal point.  What’s better to draw attention than a ninja sword?  Keep the blade sharp and onlookers amazed.  If you want to go further with the ninja theme, invest in ninja stars, nunchucks, etc.

Zak Stiles, together with his much appreciated wife, recently put together a much needed, much wanted man cave where Zak (and his son) can hang out so as to avoid the daily female drama that erupts from having triplet daughters aged 16!

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