How New Dads Can Survive Their First Solo Day Out With The Baby

September 22, 2016
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Becoming a new dad is a life changing experience that is exciting but somewhat daunting, especially if you are facing up to the challenge of going on your first solo day out with your baby. Fortunately, fatherhood is the perfect time to leave all of your worries and apprehensions behind and embrace a new lifestyle and mentality focused on family and your child’s well being. Whether you are single, married or in a relationship, becoming a father will change you forever and is likely to be the start of the greatest part of your life.

One often overlooked aspect of your newly found dad status is the first experience of going out on your own with your baby. It could be an adventure-filled trip to the local zoo or a jaunt around a shopping center. Whatever you decide to do, you will need to take heed of a few tips and pointers to make you and your baby’s life a little easier.

Pack on the go essentials

On the go supplies and products are essential during a trip so remember to pack nappies, wipes, cream, tissues, bibs, toys and wipes before you leave the house. A sunhat and sunscreen is also ideal if you are out during the summer months while a woolly hat and gloves are perfect for cold winter days. Comfortable baby transport is critical too and can come in many forms including portable cradles, pushchairs and backpacks. Many of these can also have saddlebags and accessories to increase storage for more snacks, bottles, clothes and other essentials.

Happy camper

If you are using public transport then you may need to prioritize items that will keep your baby smiling and happy during the journey. Take rattles, soft toys, teething rings and other products that will keep both of you calm and rested.

Diaper changing

Learning the art of diapering is in every baby handbook and it is important as a loving father to pitch in and do your lion’s share of cleaning up. When out this can be more tricky, but if you have packed your essentials it should be a relatively pain free experience. There are usually baby changing facilities at most public venues so make sure to stop off if you need to change diapers at any point during the day.

Feeding in public

Feeding your baby on a solo day out with him or her is one of the main concerns and it can make new dads a little nervous. Fortunately, there is now a range of solutions that will fill up the little one whenever you are away from home. Some of the most popular feeding options include powdered formula dispenser, which can be carried in pre-measured amounts in bottles, and canned ready-to-feed formula.

While bottled powder simply involves adding water and serving, you need to make sure that you have boiled the water first as experts believe it helps to provide better protection against infection until they are around six months old, so make sure to do this in preparation. You may also want to purchase a portable bottle cooler and warmer to aid your quest for perfect on-the-go baby food!

If your baby is older than four months, then you may also need to prepare for solid food feeding so get ready to add spoons and dishes to your list of essentials. Plastic coated bibs, portable placemats, mini food dicers and snack cups are useful if you want to visit a restaurant or cafe while out.

Be responsive


There may be tears during the day but studies have shown that babies develop better communication skills if their fathers are responsive to their cries and needs. Use all of the tools at your disposal to keep your baby content and happy.

Look stylish

Even though your baby is now the number one concern in your life, you can still show off your own looks as a proud new father with a stylish outfit. You will be pleased to hear that ‘Dad Fash’ is now in vogue so you could opt for a classic anorak and pair it with accessories such as a long and lightweight scarf for a perfect new dad look.

Embrace days out

You will soon find that days out with the baby are not that daunting after all and regular fun-filled trips can be a prelude to more exciting travel plans. Always make the most of the time with your child, especially during the first few months when memorable new experiences will come thick and fast.

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