How to Find a Tailor in Bangkok

September 26, 2016
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Bangkok tailors are usually known for their quality clothes they make at affordable prices. They mostly rank high on the must buy lists of most visitor. Tailor made clothing is the best choice if you cannot find perfect clothing in shops selling ready to wear clothes.

Bangkok’s tailors are popular for sewing quickly and for their diligent service and that is why people come from all over to have their clothes made by tailors in Bangkok according to their exact specifications.

Even though finding a good Bangkok tailor may be a challenging task since there are many tailor shops found in the city.

You might want to prefer some of the better known brands like Narry and Universal Tailor. Her some advice anyway, which might help you find the best skilled tailor who can deliver according to your expectations in terms of style, quality.

You should never fall for special deals or cheap packages advertised in glossy brochures advertising a pair of trousers, a suit, or two shirts for let’s say 95 US dollars. Most of the people who have tried this have ended up paying more than what they were told in the advert and yet get inferior quality.


If you don’t know where to go, there is no need to worry since your hotel can give you a few pointers. Most of the big hotels usually have a good quality and reliable service on their premises for tailor made clothes.

If you have a specific design in mind, you will be able to save time and effort since all you will have to do is to show a copy to your tailor and work on your clothes begin right away.

Ask if they can give you some samples of previous work. Once they provide you with samples of their work, closely inspect the lining, fabric used, stitching, and even the general workmanship.

You should try as much as possible to avoid the ready in 24 hours option unless you are pressed for time or you have nothing to wear. Always remember that proper tailoring just like anything else requires time and patience to produce desirable results.


Expect at least 2-3 fittings. The first fitting is meant to take your measurements and the next 1 or 2 fittings to ensure that your suit is looking just the way you wanted it to be like.

Some of the best and easy to access places where you can find tailors include areas around major hotels and business areas like Surawong, Silom  and Sukhumvit road that is from Nana to Asoke.

If the tailor does not have the fabric you want, you can go to Pahurat Textile Market to choose your preferred fabric. While you are in the market, do not forget to look for the Thai silk which is the best fabric for making blouses, gowns, shirts, and cocktail or evening dresses.

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