Home Cinema Projectors: Size is Everything

July 7, 2016
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When it comes to choosing the perfect home cinema projector, size really is everything. From selecting the right space to choosing the right resolution for your content, size will dictate many of your decisions and ultimately determine which home cinema projector is right for you.

The Right Room

Before choosing your projector model, your first task is to decide which room will house your new home theatre. It is possible to move your setup to a different space if you change your mind, but if you have an idea of the area available you can refine your search to begin with and only include the projectors that will produce the best image for your room measurements.

In some rooms, space is hard to come by and only the use of an in-ceiling, pull down or portable screen is going to work. This type of room often demands a more adaptable type of projector, such as a ceiling mounted device. Throw distance is also a consideration in smaller rooms, and areas that will offer minimal space between a projector and screen may benefit from short throw or ultra short throw devices. In contrast, home cinema owners with larger rooms may choose to dedicate an entire area to home entertainment, increasing their options when it comes to choosing the right home cinema projectors.

Correcting for Content

In terms of content, size is also important. However, this time it’s about the size of the pixels being displayed by your new projector. Nowadays, almost every home cinema projector will offer at least 1080p high definition (HD) quality resolution; the highest resolution available for viewing on some of the most popular content devices.

But there are many projectors now on sale that deliver an image that’s even closer to true cinema quality thanks to the advancement of Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K technology. Dwarfing HD with more than 8 million pixels (four times more than 1080p images).

This jump in resolution is extremely appealing for some, and provides home cinema owners with startlingly clear cinema quality images to rival or surpass many public theatres. However, the lack of content currently available in these formats means many will continue to rely on HD technology until 4K Blu-ray or games console content becomes more readily available.

Buying to your Budget

No matter what your budget, it’s likely one of the many different projector models on offer will be within your means. Just like televisions, prices for projectors can vary greatly depending on their possible image size and resolution. At the lower end of the spectrum, home cinema projectors with Full HD resolution and adaptable throw distance can be yours for as little as £500, making them a decent alternative to an inflexible and often significantly smaller television of the same price.

On the higher end of the spectrum, home cinema projectors can reach up to and beyond £15,000. These top end devices often boast native 4K resolution that delivers a crisp image worthy of any cinema. High end home cinema projectors will also deliver additional features, too. Resolution upscaling that enhances 1080p HD content into 4K output ultra-high contrasts that offer cinema quality 3D viewing are just some of the more advanced features currently on offer in the home cinema projector market.

But even at this higher level, size dictates the almost every aspect of the decision making process, and ensuring your favoured projector is right for your home is the first step to making the right choice.

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