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November 6, 2015
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The Knomo story began in 2004 when the founder Howard Harrison decided to pursue a change of scenery from his good job in a large corporation where he describes himself as ‘slowly and painfully’ climbing the corporate ladder. Along with his good friend Benoit who was also becoming sick and tired of his day to day office job, Harrison decided to build a company that was flexible, spontaneous, and exiting and so Knomo was born. Since then, Knomo has been a company that creates products with an aim to create a difference in the life of the customer and are high-quality, thoughtfully crafted items which are designed to last for life. (Image: Flickr)

Mayfair Collection

The Mayfair Collection boasts a range of smartly designed products that are suitable for both business and casual use. With a collection of briefcases, tote bags, cross body bags, boarding totes, and backpacks with items designed mainly for women but with some unisex styles, business people and regular individuals alike will find use for these innovatively and stylishly designed products. Their design allows them to be incorporated into almost any outfit, and are perfect for taking to work to then taking out for a night on the town or casual drinks with friends. They are designed to last a lifetime, meaning that they are a well-worthy quality investment that you won’t regret.

Brompton Collection

Designed with the discerning and fashion conscious businessman in mind, Knomo’s gentleman’s Brompton Collection has a range of stylish briefcases, cross body messenger bags, and backpacks which will add a touch of luxury to any business outfit. Their plain yet stunning design is the epitome of luxury, yet also allows for dressing down and using as part of a casual outfit, making them great all-round accessories designed to last a lifetime.

Soho Collection

Although the Soho Collection doesn’t include bags, we thought that it was worth a mention thanks to the great range of laptop and tablet cases, which are definitely a business essential. Available in plain, neutral colours or a selection of bright, stand-out colours, these laptop and tablet cases are the perfect way to protect your precious gadgets. Not to mention the selection of smartphone covers and personal organisers included in the collection, which will definitely add a smart touch to your business case collection and are also perfect for everyday use.

Shoreditch Collection

Designed with durability in mind, the Shoreditch Collection by Knomo includes a range of briefcases and backpacks that are shaped perfectly in order to fit a laptop computer, making them perfect for the busy businessman. Also included in the range are tablet and smartphone covers along with personal portable organisers – essential items for both business and even everyday life.

Knomo aims to create products that their customers will love, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed with a product from one of their stylish collections. Why not head over to view the Knomo Luggage choices available now and select a product that you can use for life.

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