Come back Summertime.

April 26, 2015

A lot of you will think it unforgivable blasphemy but I personally feel a lot of Lanvin looks better like this – broken apart into its constituent pieces, re-worked, and presented in a totally new light markedly different from its original runway show styling. Don’t get me wrong, Lucas Ossendrijver is one of the greatest menswear designers of our time, but it’s really only with the latest SS13 collection that the styling errors have begun to subside.

Anyway, this is really has much less to do with Lanvin show styling and much more to do with my wanting Summer back. Give it back, Winter, so I can wear all of this and stop shivering indoors.

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1. Lanvin eelskin stripe sweatshirt from LN-CC; 2. Adidas Originals Adi Hi trainers from JD Sports; 3. Alexander McQueen slim-fit cotton gabardine trousers from Mr Porter; 4. Lanvin resine melusine cap from LN-CC; 5. Alexander Wang ‘Wallie’ gym bag from Farfetch

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