Male Muse: Matthew Zorpas.

October 11, 2013
It’s been an age since I last waxed lyrical about another man’s style; chiefly due to the lack of inspiration, rather than it just slipping my mind. When I came across Matthew Zorpas, though, I know there’d be nothing to stop the gushing.
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^ A brilliant mix of textures and tones combined with a multifaceted silhouette, all seemingly worn without the sole intention of preening and posing for cameras. Elegance ahoy.
Although an undisputed man-about-(London)-town, freelance PR impresario Zorpas doesn’t exhibit one of those instantly recognisable styles associated with the city – be it those influenced by punk and indie music strains or those paying homage to the dandy Beau Brummel-esque. Instead, Zorpas brings with him his Cypriot roots (he moved from Cyprus to London at the age of 18), carefully crafting a personal style that fuses the Mediterranean with the metropolitan….
52c93 matthewzorpas1
^ As much as I heralded the arrival of the somewhat baggier trouser post-Hedi-at-Dior Homme, I can’t say this is what I’d envisioned but Zorpas works it well. Also, check out the cuff details – they’re BAUBLES! Incredible.
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473ed matthewzorpas2
^ Favourite look by far; don’t think I’ve ever seen an outfit which so seamlessly blends simplicity (colour palette, silhouette) and richness (print, detailing) at the same time.
You won’t find Zorpas in a pair of slashed-at-the-knee drainpipe skinnies nor (with the exception of the more conservative attire below) a conventional tailored suit, but rather a v. literally outstanding outfit composed of earthy tones and outré silhouettes. A patron of emerging designers (apparently handing out designer-details-filled cards when asked for his photograph), 22-year-old Zorpas not only himself embodies fashion’s new generation, but works toward garnering attention for it, too. Bravo.
639b0 matthewzorpas8
^ This shot (by Vanessa Jackman) last year saw him voted Britain’s 2nd Best Dressed Man by Esquire Magazine.
For more on Matthew, find him on Twitter or read his contributions on London fashion to Un Nouveau Ideal.
Images from The Style Crusader and BLOW

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  • Duck April 25, 2011 at 7:58 pm

    I don't want to be negative here given that Matthew always looks fab and he's very sweet, but doesn't he also work in fashion PR….

  • Zoë May 1, 2011 at 10:17 am

    holy sh…. he's 22?! i feel like a little girl! i think my favourite is his more conventional suited look at the bottom.