Sjaak Hullekes: The First Flagship.

September 28, 2013
According to berlin.unlike, most of the must-see fashion landmarks are located, v. conveniently, within a mile or two radius of my new place in Mitte. I’m nothing if not nerdy about my most dear interests so – natch – I’m compiling a list of possible posts feat. Berlin’s best as regards boutiques.
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But first – to Arnhem, The Netherlands, where award-winning Dutch designer Sjaak Hullekes just recently flung open the gorge doors of his first flagship store. Located on the Dutch town’s Kerkstraat, the newly restored space honours tradition, keeping in the vein of small, specialist trade which characterises the “alley-area” within which it’s situated (think quaint flower shops and one selling paper and accoutrements exclusively).
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Eager to provide shoppers with the all-round experience, Hullekes and Managing Director Sebastiaan Kramer have chosen to carry both the men’s and women’s labels, stock scented candles by Parisian patisserie house Ladurée (don’t think I ever want to encounter these, may result in ingesting wax…) and will soon retail the diffusion line SJ by Sjaak Hullekes.
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The brand will also debut an online store during 2011. For more on Sjaak and the brand formerly known as Arnheim Fashion, see here and here.

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  • Mat April 21, 2011 at 8:28 pm

    i hear mitte is the place to be too, lucky you