Tim Hamilton for Bergdorf Goodman: Upmarket Casuals.

January 13, 2013
Tim Hamilton – or should I say Tim? I feel like I’ve lauded his work so much on this blog that it’s now high time we did away with formalities – has only gone and done it again. Having cultivated a lucrative business relationship with NYC luxury department store Bergdorf Goodman since 2007, Hamilton Tim has just launched a capsule collection to be sold exclusively at the big BG on their 3rd Floor
It’s in much the same vein as Hamilton’s own-label fare but seems that little bit tweaked; gone are the graphic print knits and leather trews from the Autumn Winter 2010 collection, in their place is a wealth of casual classics that aren’t going to reinvent the wheel but are pretty sexy all the same. These are sportswear pieces that scream the minimalism meets understated luxury Tim does so well. We had a brief Q+A to dig a little deeper…
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MM: What brought you and Bergdorf Goodman together? 

TH: I’ve been working with them since I started my main line in 2007, so we have a history.

What was the intention behind the collaboration? 

TH: To achieve something that represents my brand and a fundamental feel to the Bergdorf customer.

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MM: Was there something in particular that inspired the aesthetic of this capsule collection?
TH: We sort of went through some older archives and came up with about 15 styles.
MM: There seem to be slight traces of a skinhead aesthetic in the collection? Was a reference to this sub-culture intentional?
TH: Well I think that is more in Chris Wetmore’s (lookbook model) look, There was a slight intention to bring a new spirit into a luxury Bergdrof world meets casual contemporary.
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For me, it’s like a This is England cast-member was transplanted to NYC and spent their time batting at baseball games, rather than attending BNP rallies. So, er, good, then.

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  • chuck n. January 16, 2011 at 4:02 am

    man, i love tim's (we're close too, hahaha) design's! the models are wearing the same lacoste x tim hamilton redux i gladly spent 160$ on!