Dapper Dan: The Thinking Man’s Mag.

November 14, 2010
So, today, in order to distract myself at all costs from reading these…
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…in preparation  for an essay on why the Daily Mail launched a hate campaign on so-called ‘video nasties’ during Thatcher-era Britain, I decided to pore over this instead…
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…the second issue of Dapper Dan, which proved to be much more worthy of my time. Dapper Dan, the self-professed publication for ‘Men’s Fashion & Philosophy’, was a title I wasn’t at all familiar with until a couple of weeks ago when some random tweet caught my eye. And I’m glad it did, since it’s pretty much every black-and-white inch the mag I’ve been waiting for. Equal measures intelligence and joie de vivre, which basically translates to articles on Austrian auteur Michael Haneke (by Yiorgos Kakanakis) as well as photo-editorial and text review of foot creams (“Dirty Sole” by (kinky?) co-editor Vassilis Karidis). If that’s all up your alley, then ignore these decidedly average snaps of mine, and purchase a copy for yourself here.
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^ Opinions and Inspirations – a thought-provoking and heart-warming introduction to the mag.

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^ Object – like a conventional mag’s “Shopping” section only immeasurably more interesting and with lots of vintage.

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^ In the Studio with London-based furniture designer Martino Gamper
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^ A feature on Athens-based designer Yiorgos Eleftheriades, whose work I’m planning to stalk for hours on end…

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^ A profile of Dries Van Noten which features his pieces photographed by Karidis (and styled by Nicholas Georgiu)  on surely the outright champion of Movember participants…
* Thank you, Vassilis!