Favourite Moments in Film – Rikson.

November 12, 2010
Aside from tear-inducing melodramas on famous novelists (The Hours) and tales of sex and violence (The Dreamers), horror film is the only other genre that’s guaranteed to have me glued from the first frame. From Karloff’s representations of Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster to 80s era ‘slashers’, horror not only promises kinetic reaction, but also offers itself as a kind of social barometer too. And although the majority of the cast might spend most of their screen-time drenched in all manner of revolting bodily fluids, there are few horror films that don’t in some way engage with fashion: from the undead chic of Interview With a Vampire, to the Scream films which serve as a collective and constant reminder of how hideous our attire was in the 90s – perhaps the most horrific thing about these hilarious teen ‘slashers’.
This week’s contribution from East London-based designer Rikson has been voted as one of the 100 Greatest Scary Moments in Film and TV and yet I’m glad someone else feels exactly the same way as I have. Not that this scene’s character is threatening, but rather that he’s bloody well-dressed. Say hello to Chitty Chitty Bang Bang‘s (Ken Hughes, 1968) the Child Catcher (Robert Helpmann)…

7b26d chittychitty

There are so many moments in film that I love but this is my all time great! It’s the entrance of the Child Catcher in the 1968 film of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Played by the amazing Sir Robert Helpmann who brings such grace and elegance to the character. The slim crumpled trousers, the beautiful edwardian coat, the leather gloves and the stark contrast of the bright, clean flowers tied to his battered old hat with satin ribbon – just exquisite! Those ‘period’ costumes with an unmistakable 60’s edge. And action figures too! Brilliant!


e5952 child catcher action figure
^ Child Catcher action figures. Wish my childhood toys were this dapper…

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