Stop Press for SS11.

September 23, 2010
Since coming to the conclusion that fashion’s timetable is far from ideal (from a blogger’s POV), I’ve been less and less interested in churning out reviews of shows proposing a myriad of looks to be worn not now, but in several months time. As I’m sure you all know, showing – for example – Spring Summer 2011 in September of 2010 has a specific purpose: it allows buyers and members of press to identify what the key looks for the coming months will be, what elements of a designer’s collection are destined for the shop window display, what’s going to sell like crack-filled hot cakes, and what pieces aren’t fit for much more than editorial.
Fashion, despite its inherent fickle disposition, is formulaic to an extent, and so this schedule is essential from a commercial perspective. In order for the industry of fashion to function, this schedule must be maintained. But, as a blogger, I don’t see why we’re demanding – with the increasing (online) access to the catwalks – to spoil suspense and gorge on another slaved-over drove of looks through a computer screen in order to satiate our consumptive desire. Ok, granted that was a little fire and brimstone, but is it really necessary to keep stoking this urge for something new? 
The rise of blogging has not helped. For me, it’s somewhat of a double-edged sword: the emergence of online media and its penchant for immediate access undoubtedly made fashion more democratic, to the effect that I, a full-time Arts student, am considered a member of the fashion press despite having little or no formal training in, or comprehensive knowledge of, fashion. On the other hand, fashion’s infamously elitist, so why not permit those boasting nerd-like passion (and little else) to assume a more active role within the industry? 
Still, I may be a blogger but isn’t the whole point of blogging to write something that’s relevant now, and not necessarily in the future? Don’t get me wrong – we all need access to next season’s collections but as was always intended as a platform for my own, um, style-related mental diarrhoea if you will, then it’s only fair to point you in the direction of GQ.
  • Mat September 23, 2010 at 6:57 pm

    very interesting indeed and to be honest i have had less and less "show/trend" posts on my blog, esp over the past say 9 months. i'm not that sure why but it didn't seem that relevant and it doesn't really get much over to th readers, for me. maybe becasue of my style of writing or just i want to leave it to the big hitters. i do enjoy reading peoples musing on the shows and trends but in doses, different spins ect. i'll leave it to GQ and style salvage too

  • Cillian September 26, 2010 at 3:53 pm

    Mat: Exactly. I think it's all dependent on the format and tone of your blog/magazine. Aside from Steve of SS who has great access and gives good reportage, I don't really read reviews from anyone other than established press (and sometimes they can be shite, too).