AllSaints AW10: Lusting for Leather.

September 24, 2010

Much like Mat of Buckets and Spades, I’ve endeavoured to reign in my inner magpie of late, and tried my hand at channeling all-knowing-sartorial-god-who-never-makes-shitty-impulse-purchases. So far so…er…alright. I’ve acquired a good pair of tan chinos that are tan enough to work in a winter wardrobe, and a black racer-back cowl neck vest that I’ll probably be wearing to clubs for the next year and a half if I have my way.

Still, I’m lacking key AW pieces, and as part of this wardrobe overhaul/spending habit intervention, I’ve been compiling a mental list of what’s required and what needs to be avoided like the fast fashion plague. Top of said list is a black leather jacket. And I mean leather, not some pleather substitute that denies you that specific smell and luxurious yet robust feel that you get only from genuine leather. Surprisingly, I’ve come across quite a few potential models with top of the list being this babe of a jacket from Urban Outfitters (although it seems we’re meant to be kept parted since the measurements are a bit off-kilter for me), closely followed by oh pretty much every single piece from AllSaints range of men’s leather jackets.

Ideally, I want an asymmetric, zippers-ahoy, big f**k-off biker style (see AllSaints’ Biker below) but I’ve also been just a bit entranced by the slew of subtle but v. slick crushed leather jackets that have emerged on the market for this season (tried on amazing one in French Connection and had my first brush with heaven), which AllSaints does pretty well with their current offering, Collide (below).

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^ AllSaints Biker jacket

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^ AllSaints Collide jacket

Last but most definitely not least is the Mace hooded jacket. Er, yeah, it’s hooded, which kind of has me wanting to leg it from the laptop right now. I don’t wear hoodies, I don’t wear hooded parkas, I don’t wear hooded duffle coats, and although I wouldn’t quite call it an absolute aversion, I’m really not all that hot on them, which is a damned pity considering the below jacket practically drips sex but, well, you know, has a bloody hood. Still, if you’re not quite as easily irritated by extra hanging fabric as I am, I’d be bagging this one now.

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^ AllSaints Mace hooded jacket

So, which do you think is the style to last a lifetime?

  • Mat September 24, 2010 at 9:36 am

    i bought a vtg leather bike jacket yesterday actually, from a market. was £20. sadly when i got it home i made upp my find that it is bit too short for me. i'm quite tall so i have a long body. the all saints biker is immense, i've seen it before. sure that will fit perfect.

  • Cillian September 26, 2010 at 3:54 pm

    Mat: Yeah, I feel if I'm going to shell out majorly, then it'd better be the perfect fit.