Clarks Commemorates the Desert Boot.

October 24, 2009
Alleviating alcohol- and partying-induced aches is no mean task. However, I find the process of recovery is expedited somewhat when footwear- fetishizing is involved. After countless hours of traipsing around in search of THE boots, I eventually succumbed to dark brown suede. No they’re not exactly what I’d envisaged but they’re pretty damn fine all the same. No pics as of yet since I’ve returned to the homeland – sans entire – wardrobe for the weekend but a post is soon to follow…
What I do have though is a serious, and entirely unexpected, lust for Clarks. Once the prime purveyor of school-appropriate and irritatingly conservative footwear has pulled a bit of a Madonna and reinvented itself, all in the name of the desert boot. Invented by Nathan Clark in 1949, primarily for the off-duty soldier’s use, the desert boot has proved itself both practical and aesthetically pleasing. I don’t think it’s looked quite as hot as it’s seeming now, though, what with the launch of Clarks Originals 60th Anniversary collection. There’s one for each decade, from the 50s Harris tweed to the 00s vintage sand suede. The 90s Britpop-inspired model has me contemplating beans-on-toast for a month if it’d mean i’d have a chance…
6d031 2000sclarksdesertboot

^ 00s Vintage sand suede

ffef7 1990sclarksdesertboot

^ 90s Britpop/Union Jack calf suede

2954a 1980sclarksdesertboot

^ 80s acid-washed denim (advertised as ‘for women’…personally, if I were a few sizes smaller, it’d not stop me…)

17012 1970sclarksdesertboot

^ 70s Fringed deep purple suede

fe0b4 1960sclarksdesertboot

^ 60s Liberty print

be6d2 1950sclarksdesertboot

^ 50 Harris tweed

Note: Just for the filmic fun, I recommend watching Tom Tykwer’s ‘Run Lola Run’/’Lola Rennt’. Can’t recall what footwear she sports while sprinting through the streets of post-unification Berlin but, regardless, for formal experimentalism, video game logic and questions of chaos theory it’s just what the doctor ordered.

Images from Hypebeast

  • Mat October 24, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    they should be unisex, i would love the 70s fringing ones. not very my style but id make them work. i have a pair of the antique tan desert boots, i recommend them very highly. i do like the 00s ones too, not amazing but nice stitching ect.great post c!

  • miss milki October 25, 2009 at 6:09 pm

    My favourite are the paisley Liberty print ones – I'd totally wear them. I think they might be unisex cos I saw Susie Bubble with a pair last week.

  • Cillian October 26, 2009 at 2:40 pm

    Selina: You're most welcome. Each and every one really should be unisex. Discrimination on gender terms is really shit where desert boots are involved!Mat: Yeah, the 00s are probably the most sound buy in terms of cost-per-wear. Love the 70s but I couldn't pull it off!Miss Milki: Unfortunately they're not, the Liberty ones are for women. A crying shame really./