Anthony Burrill x Offset: Making It All Free.

October 21, 2009
So thoughts on the exploitation of ethnicity and the excess of Carmen Miranda’s cornucopia hats have all been spewed (see previous post if this entirely unintelligible…) and I’ve snatched a few moments for post-essay blogging (and excuse the brevity, got a presentation on the influence of Brecht on the horizon…).
UK creative Anthony Burrill has designed a range of tees as part of the upcoming and v. exciting Offset. Due to take place in this fair city in early November, Offset is a festival for all things creative which culminates in a 3-day long conference on, you guessed it, all things creative. I’d rave further but time’s severly limited so head ye to their bold and bright site for more info if you’re fond of the idea.


^ Anthony Burrill and his exhibition, “In a New Place”

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^ The Burrill x Offset tee (which unfortunately isn’t actually free, €30 isn’t exactly extortion though!). Grab it from 26th Oct to 9th Nov at BT2 Grafton St.

I’ve never been one for all-up-in-your-grill giant slogan tees but the Burrill number is winning me over, chiefly due to the fact that the message couldn’t resound with me more. Much of the work I feature on this blog is designer-branded and often firmly placed at the higher-end of the retail market. The sad truth, dear reader, is that I can’t afford most of it so I tend to just fawn over it profusely. So let’s please all make it all free!

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